BBC Article on Warhammer and Wargamers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jim30, Mar 13, 2012.

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  1. Interesting article here - BBC News - Why are adults still launching tabletop war?

    Anyone on ARRSE a GW or wider tabletop gamer? I'll confess to being one, and I know quite a few military types from all sorts of capbadges who do it as well. Its weird though - people give all manner of grief to people who like tabletop games as being weird or anti-social, yet think that sitting in front of a Tv screen watching eastenders and being anti-social is normal.

    I know its definitely not the coolest interest out there, and boy does it have some odd people playing it, but equally there are plenty of normal well adjusted folk (often in the forces or elsewhere) who enjoy it as a fun social pasttime - what are the chances of it ever being socially acceptable?
  2. This should be labeled as very very very sad
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  3. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Never been into the fantasy wargames but used to play a lot of military board games and with figures. I loved the Squad Leader and Third Reich board games
  4. My son and his mate were into this when he was nine and I must say some of the models were quality and when the lads were being taught in the store the gamers were a nice enough bunch (If a little excitable) and really did make them feel welcome.

    That said, I was very pleased it was just a fad and he went back to his guitar as those models (Space marines?) cost a ******* fortune and the staff in Games Workshop were bloody annoying to say the least. Everytime I turned my back they'd be giving it the hard sell to a nine year old telling him that to make his army far more powerful they needed this tank or that hawk-jet-thingy. Both of which cost about £40.

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  5. Not hurting anyone though is he?
  6. My lad is a keen Warhammerer and I'd rather he did that than become 1 of the hoards of filth that roam the street .

    It wouldnt do if we all liked and did the same things now would it ; theres only so many vans and black nasty to go round :)
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  7. We might run out of vans and black nasty but potential victims would never be in short supply.

    Because they're all ******* whores :)
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  8. I used to play Warhammer40k when I was younger. I was really into modelling, so moved onto the figures to paint before I actually started playing the game.

    If you want the fun of Warhammer 40k without the geeky bit, and all the manuals that are involved try playing Bloodbowl.

    It's like American Football meets war.

    Blood Bowl | Games Workshop
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  9. I used to play 40k but gave it up when I was about 14, partly because of cost and partly because, as the OP says, it doesn't really impress the girls. I'd sooner any child of mine played Warhammer than had an addiction to PS3 or drinking cider in the park; it's more sociable, and stimulates the imagination. Anyone who gives someone shit for partaking in a harmless hobby needs to get a life. But the cost is sheer extortion. The rules of the game are even structured to oblige extra purchases.
  10. I'll put my head above the parapet here. I do on occasion play the fantasy battle version, although I am more involved in the painting and miniature side than gaming. I do so across the range of models, from airfix Sopwiths to Warhammer dragons to wooden ships. I find it extremely relaxing, good fun and a much better use of my time than many other 'hobbies' considered more socially normal.
  11. Next up on Arrse: child pornography, anyone in to it? What are the chances of it becoming socially acceptable.
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  12. There's your answer Jim30.

    PA used to play it and he also smokes which makes him one of the cool kids.

    If the cool kids do it then it's socially acceptable. Job. Jobbed.
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  13. Yay! I'm officially cool, and down with it.

    I can now hang out with my souljazh and not feel like a total geek.

    Next up - can formerly socially ostracised geeks get away with speaking "Chav Ghetto" in an effort to look even more cool.
  14. I played Warhammer once, just once with my long standing best mate when I was 14. Me and Julian used to do all the lads stuff together
    in the pre internet days when the long hot summer holidays promised never ending days of shooting stuff up with air rifles, raiding orchards
    shoplifting soft porn out the newsagents , etc... we even knew of a pig shed where out of date cakes and donuts were dumped, still in wrappers
    of a saturday, ready to be fed the next day, only a few hours past sell by etc etc. Best mates we were, do anything for each other...


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  15. Is waxing you car all day so you don't have to talk to ya mrs just as odd?
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