BBC: Army Restricted Ethnic Recruits

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pasty Boy, Jan 4, 2005.

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  1. From the BBC:

    What were they thinking? Surely someone would realise that this would come out eventually and bite them, however they meant it.

    That said limiting the number of "swarthy frenchmen" was always a good idea.
  2. Similar Story in the Telegraph. Supposed reasoning for the action highlighted in bold

  3. 263 in the Gunners?

    Were they actually 'asiatic/negroid/swarthy frenchmen' or was it just the cordite? :D

    And the reason that there was only one in the RMP is they they are all black hearted! :D (Just kidding Old Red and MC!)
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I fully agree with any policy that discriminates against 'swarthy Frenchmen', or any other sort of Frenchman (if indeed there is any other sort). Other forms of discrimination just deprive the Army of good Men and Women, and are totally counter-productive, but stopping Frenchmen - sound Policy, in my view :D

    Actually, I know a couple of Brits who are Ex-Legion, but does anyone know of any Frenchmen who wanted to join the British Army in order to forget? Or would it involve too much chance of actual fighting 8O
  5. Whilst not wishing to derail this thread and post completely off topic, I agree with Snowy's masterly dissection of the real issue here - swarthy frenchmen.

    The best quote ever, spoken in respect of the French:

    "We don't need their support anyway - they're just a load of cheese eating surrender monkeys'.

    Great stuff - but Donald Rumsfeld is still a to$$er! :D

    And now, back to the thread... :D
  6. Swarthy Frenchies ...... I love it.....

    Why are French roads lined with trees?

    Because the Germans like Marching in the Shade!

    Completely off thread, sorry. And no, I am not condoning any form of discrimination.

  7. If it has no effect on service or promotion, why do the army isist in recording details of your national and ethnic background, and making sure that you know it''s been recorded. That's now, not back in the 70s!
  8. Absolutley right no bloo*y frenchmen Swarthy or not. The barstewards supplied Exocet to the argies and had an undercover policy to continue supply all sorts to Irac!!! Notice how that one went away quietly afetr the war!!!! how come they were not taken to the European court for breaking the sanctions agreement!!! Sneaky F*ckers!!! Should have left them to the Herrmans!!!!! :evil:
  9. 8O I have French family.

    Sh*t, damn and bugger.
  10. Explains it all!
  11. Back when I was at Catterick for basic training, I was with the selection wallah and after some choosing, I elected for a specialist R. Sigs trade which required a very high level of clearance.
    However, I was born in Africa (both my parents worked for offshore companies at the time) and this caused no end of a problem. In the end, whoever was in charge of selection and approval sent a telex back, which I saw, requesting that a photo of the applicant was required before any confirmation was given. I sent a passport copy and was accepted by return of telex. Now I may be cynical but as I'd put on the application that my parents were born in the Midlands and each and everyone of us had British nationality, there could only be one reason for a double check and a picture. Before you ask, there were very, very few non white folk doing the job I eventually ended up doing.
  12. HLS

    HLS Old-Salt

    Yep, passed out with him in 1984. He had duel nationality and had already done his national service in the French army. Good bloke actually, he won champion recruit as well 8O
  13. Has this practice actually stopped?

    Or was it in fact stopped at the time of the first great "ethnic minority" targetted recruitment campaign?
  14. Sloping wire averred
    He was on wheels and we moved him from unit to unit when there was some big duty or unit inspection
  15. They were thinking much as the majority of citizens in the UK were thinking. Attitudes have changed, and such an attitude was not noteworthy then. In fact, in the Army that I joined in the early 70's, the words 'wog', 'nigger', 'bograt' etc were normal currency. The change in attitude towards foreigners and their cultures has been legislated by default, not brought about as a result of respect generated by their behaviour and competence to govern themselves, otherwise it wouldn't be illegal now (probably) to call Osama bin Laden a raghead b*****d, or Mugabe a chimpanzee missing its' powers of compassion.

    Of course, I can't say that now.