BBC: "Armed Forces Recruiting 750 People From Northern Ireland"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by soleil, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. Stop press - british army recruits from the united kingdom shock
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  2. Have we exhausted the Foreign and Commonwealth sources?
  3. Maybe some fenian bastards will join up. About time HM Forces benefitted from the IRA's training instead of vice-versa.
  4. And that's news because...?

    Haven't we been recruiting from that neck of the woods for a while now?
  5. "There is no parking at Kinnegar Barracks"

    I should ****ing guess NOT. Sounds a prime target for a cahr bahm.
  6. "The Armed Forces Careers Exhibition will run on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 March from 11:00 GMT to 16:00 GMT.

    Entry to the event is free and visitors will be required to show photographic ID on arrival.

    There is no parking at Kinnegar Barracks.

    Those travelling by car should leave the A2 Bangor Road at the turn-off for IKEA, follow the road past Sainsbury's and B&Q and go into the Harbour Estate.

    Park and ride facilities will be provided on Airport Road."

    Great bloody timimg, try and find a Mick or a Ranger who can stand up on Paddy's day!
  7. I find it more confusing that the Army is facing massive cuts in manning levels, but they want to get 750 bogtrotters plus "several thousand" new TA members according to the latest adverts on TV.
  8. Could this be because those getting cut are not all fresh faced 18 year old privates?
  9. I take it this is sponsored by Capita, who are on what per head recruited?
  10. Gets 'em off the streets and out of the clutches of the paramilitaries. Plus why not take advantage of a generation with low intensity ops in the blood as it were?

    They'll do one in Dublin next...
  11. IKEA Sainsburys, whats going on? , when did they start getting such stores.
  12. Don't joke about it, the way things are going in the RoI.

    Actually, is there still a prohibition against accepting recruits into the TA if they're based in the RoI? I've gotten conflicting signals on this over the years.
  13. I hope you are not referring to Catholics in your remark or have you just assumed that all Catholics are in or support the IRA?