BBC apology - why?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ringdoby, Jan 23, 2011.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    It's a good job the Japanese embassy didn't hear the way my grandad refered to them

    They would have been crying their eyes out

    Have they actually apologised to the FEPOW'S yet?

    I heard that someone in a meeting at my work was asked to stop refering to them as Japs as it was a racist term
  2. Well something to dowith the Daily Mail having a space dedicated to stirring up hate of the BBC in every issue. BBC just issue appologies in the same worthless way.
  3. A deadlocked govt with the civilian and military aspects at crosspurposes?

    Also, the jokes in question were fine, they're totally harmless.

    I don't consider "jap" to be offensive, it's just when chav fuckers call me a chink that I get wound up.
    I have a penchant for accuracy.
  4. I was company safety rep during the building of the Honda plant in swindon. We were all called to a snap safety meeting. Several Japnese managers were there when an Irish building contractor was called to account for a skip fire that had a gas cannister in it. When asked for his explanation he said "well there was a baang but it wasn't as big as the fooker in Hiroshima"!
    Thanks to a very diplomatic interpreter he didn't have to go in the little hot box for a week nor did he have to apologise. but then he was Irish and they don't. No one ws coherent after that. Head design engineer on site could not speak tears of laughter running down his face, everyone else trying to think of dead puppies. Meeting ended and our over masters left. 3 2 1 Boom room exploded in laughter. Contractors who had spent the last few weeks snagging each others work livin the moment. Haaa I had forgot work could be fun.
  5. A number of years ago a senior manager of a company I worked for refused point blank to attend a week-end meeting where Jap delegates would be attending even though it involved a multi-million pound contract. Hardly surprising really, considering he had previously been a guest of their's for several years and experienced their hospitality in Burma.
  6. heh heh, made I chortle that. =D
  7. Let's be honest here mate - any story involving a bang makes you chortle!
  8. Because when you say sorry it makes everything all right.


    I reckon if you refine heroin for a living but you have a moral objection to alcohol you may be a Muslim.

    Sorry, that was naughty of me for stereotyping. I shouldn't have typed that.
  9. Wankers all around... Japs for complaining and """Brits""" for apologising.

    A more appropriate response should have been: If you can't take a joke - don't fookin bomb other people's harbours!

    Or as my Grandad said when shooting down Japs in WWII: "Watch out, there's a nip in the air."
  10. after hearing stories from my dad about his uncle in burma, am i bad calling em slantys or slopes?
  11. Typical of the way perversion works.

    Commit all the crimes against humanity...

    When the plan goes tits north... wait few years.... play the victim.
  12. The whole world seems to have gone completely touchy. Muslims wanting to kill cartoon artists, Japs getting upset at some pretty non-offensive jokes. Cue the WWF getting upset that we teach children to catch tigers in "eanie meanie miney moe".
  13. Delicate little chrysanthemums these Nips nowadays.
  14. Tigers Bisley? No, definitley not tigers .