BBC and its Bias Towards Pro-immigration Lobby: Report accuses 'left-wing Corporation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JoeCivvie, May 29, 2013.

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  1. Co-incidence - I was going to post a thread pointing out that the BBC's report about the attack on a Prison Officer in Full Sutton made no mention of Islam or the alleged reasons behind the attack, and yet it's happy to publish details about ex-soldiers in mosque attack, or how a mosque invited protesters in for tea and biccies.

    Then I spotted this report: The BBC and its bias towards pro-immigration lobby: Report accuses 'left-wing Corporation of downplaying violence by Islamists' | Mail Online.

    It seems to confirm what a lot of people think - that the BBC has become a propaganda machine for Islington liberals.
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  2. rampant

    rampant LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

  3. I couldn't give a toss.

    Why, though, in this day and age, is it taxpayer funded?

    It wouldn't last a nanosecond as a subscription service.
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  4. I refuse to pay the BBC licence.

    There again I don't live in the UK.
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  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Beeb have never been accused of being Right wing, Right of Centre or anything other than Lefty. Their coverage of Israeli incursions into the West Bank, associated acts, and recent history with anything to do with Israeli aggression that region is all the ammunition you'll ever need against Auntie's Lefty bias.

    Which is odd, as I was always told the Beeb was full of Jews.
  6. BBC and Bias, Never personally I think it's news worthy when a leading light of a religion is arrested along with his son after the police finding a substantial quantity of whats reported as crack cocaine at their home. A few weeks back.
    BBC didn't even report it until his son was shot and killed a couple of nights ago.
    Sorry for the sun link, there ain't many others...
  7. Their Bias attitude will never change while their allowed get away with wasting £100M without significant dismisals.

    The BBC should have been voluntary subscription years ago, if sky can offer a freeview version to the Public then there's no excuse for the Corporation.
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  8. It's not. It's funded by people buying a licence to watch broadcast television.
  9. Utter rubbish. Go on any 'lefty' site (urban75 used to be one of the biggest) and it's full of people making all of the same complaints that are regularly trotted out on here but in reverse. As Rampant's links show.
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  10. Which is a legal requirement with sanctions if you don't pay, it is a tax by another name and therefore taxpayer funded.
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  11. People often say that there are 4 branches to a government: Executive, Legislative, Judiciary and Free Press. Lots of governments see it as their duty to provide a press service to educate the public as a public service. Ideally, this will be free of bias, but doesn't always seem to be the case.

    I can't tell how biased it is from here, but everything on it is substantially better than my colony's local news.
  12. In general I'd describe MSM coverage of the Takfiri phenomenon as having strayed into panty wetting hysteria after 9/11.

    The BBC is no different and the Mail is a repeat offender on the scale of Fox News. This sort of posture attracts a great mass of easily frightened customers seeking titillation and finally sells advertising.

    Back in the day PIRA were treated far more calmly and were much more lethal to Brits. A group imbedded in the UK's largest immigrant community at the time, Irish Papists. In retrospect it's rather strange that more wasn't made of knuckle dragging bog trotters and Romish plots. I can only put it down to smaller beards, whiter skin and the hard wired prejudices of the typical lazy Brit Journo.
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  13. Only if you want to watch TV. You might as well say that paying for your driving licence or your passport is a tax too.
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  14. The hard left has always regarded progressive liberal elites as an enemy, and I am not surprised that they are moaning about auntie.
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  15. They are if you have nowhere else to go for these services and they are backed up by law, why should a passport cost £80? , it is a revenue raising tool for a Government department and therefore falls into my definition of a tax.
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