BBC and "climate change" u turn?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 15, 2011.

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  1. Ah yes, 'Global Warming'… yes, my council was so hot on that for the last 3 years it bought no ******* salt for the roads.

    Instead it ended up having to ask us people with planet destroying and polar bear melting 4x4's to volunteer to get help out to stranded OAP's and move the meals on wheels and district nurses and health visitors about in the 'global warming', or as the rest of us called it, 12" of snow that lasted for weeks.
  2. They did the same with Season 9 of Top Gear's Joy Of Cycling episode. Clarkson was reportedly gutted.

    Only kidding.
  3. And yet they still show programmes about volcanoes which kick out more greenhouse gases in one hour than we've spat out in our lifetimes.
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  4. I want to know why the UN hasn't passed a binding Resolution banning volcanoes. Why is there, say, no Pompei Protocol restricting the amount, size and activity of volcanoes that a country is permitted to have! I have reason to suspect that some countries are engaged in a Volcano Race, with ever increasing eruptions and earthquakes. The US has even got its own active Supervolcano development program ... not surprising, really, as they are pretty good at Blue-on-Blue stuff, either that or its the ultimate in "Scorched Earth" policy for when the US formally turns into Greater Mexico.