BBC and bias

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by crabby, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. Good article in the times - I agree with many points based on much of the news coverage of the BBC - which is a shame as they often have slightly better programming than ITV - at times requiring an IQ higher than your testicle count

    The Times

  2. Buggers Broadcasting Communism
  3. In 2003 nicknamed "baghdad broadcasting cooperation" as they were obsessed with pouncing on the slightest break in the advance to claim a new vietnam. They were kind of right in the end - but the way in which it happened was very different.

    Or also nicknamed "blair's broadcasting cooperation" by many on this site
  4. BBC bias is not a new suggestion, I remember that there was an open university programme on media studies looking at the miners strike. In the program it highlighted bbc reporting which continually emphasised that the strike weakening.

    Was the bbc biased or are the news reporters (and possibly the general public) more interested in failure?

    Let's look, what the 'sane' professor wrote.

    Of course the comment itself is absolutely unbiased and the profeccor apparently is very influental. So leading British newspapers hurry to reproduce his opinion.

    Let's return to his original article.

    One could ask in this context: what is better - Al-Jazeera of BBC-Arabic for the West or maybe Al Hurra (second edition) should be created?

    Shame! We all know that highly esteemed mr.Blair is one of the beacons of true democracy. He always (almost always) tells truth and of course hasn't any hidden agenda. As for learned mr.Bush then he is a famous defender of human rights, great warrior and true democrat ... sorry republican.

    As for the deeds of these two then BBC-Arabic doesn't scrutinize them exactly in interests of 'American and British governments'.
  6. I was struck by a similar thought this morning. I was listening to Jonathan Ross on Radio 2. I find him fairly entertaining and quite funny, rather moreso than he used to be. He was interviewing Richard Wilson (Best known for his Victor Meldrew character)
    Wilson was describing a play that he is appearing in that is based on the premise that the next election is a close run thing and the narrow majority means that the whips role bcomes rather more important than it is now. Fair enough so far. Wilson then went on to say that he was confident that the tories would lose the next election and that it would be a narrow labour victory. Fine - it's an opinion. Pressed further he began to refer to the labour party in terms of "we must...". This was just accepted as the case by Ross without question, suggesting that Ross was also a supporter. I don't mind that Ross and Wilson are Labour supporters but what happened to impartiality in the BBC?
    It really struck me that the there is a very vocal minority in support of the present government that is able, through being well placed in the media, to have an influence out of all proportion to its size.

    It used to be said that you could never find anyone who voted tory yet they kept getting in. Now, I can't find anyone who supports labour yet they're still in power.

    There's something rotten about it it all.
  7. The BBC often uses the word 'we' in what I view as an inappropriate fashion.

    This is usually in terms of expressing political opinion.

    The most annoying example for me was during the referendum on the Belfast Agreement when BBC radio constanty stated things like 'we hope' when discussing the possible outcome.

    I voted no along with a sizeable portion of the electorate and I did telephone to complain about the bias.

    So much for impartiality.

    Also the BBC constantly refers to England sports teams as 'we' on national broadcasts.
  8. The BBC was wobbling before Bliar assumed power and ultimate control, but now I believe it has toppled.

    It appears to me, taking just two well-known broadcasters, that: Naughtie is as 'red' as tomato sauce and never minds showing the fact; and Humphrys is an ill-mannered, interrupting, irritating, self-satisfied socialist with a capital S (champagne variety of course). Why does this man, who is perfectly pleasant and well-mannered on his General Knowledge programme, have to behave like an unreconstructed lout on 'Today' on Radio 4?

    I have been assured by an employee of Bliar's Broadcasting Cooperative, that if you are not sexually deviant, ethnically in a minority and well to the left politically, you have Bob Hope or No Hope of a job there.

    Needs sorting, and not by Tessa 'Shambles R Us' Jowell.

  9. This article is BS based on selective extract from an interview. I remember the interview with Helen Mirren. Helen Mirren was introduced as having expressed republican - i.e. anti-monarchist views. Under those circumstances its not unreasonable to ask how she felt about playing a character unsympathetic to her own views.

    Point to anywhere else where the BBE has described the Monarch as an unsympathetic character.
  10. A fair point. I too have seen interviews with Mirren in which she has stated she previously had republican views.

    I wonder whe she changed?

    The day she was made a dame?
  11. "enlightened European over brutish American"

    Good example in one of today's features.

    Very much a biased op-ed piece on what's presumably an important conference. We can't be sure how important, as the BBC sees fit to provide just a couple of choice sound-bytes and bugger all actual information.
  12. You should try watching the BBC breakfast news on TV. It should be renamed The Global Warming Show. If the second coming happened today, tomorrow's headline would be about how the evil middle classes are destroying the world with their four by fours.

    It's not surprising that the BBC has ended up the way it is. It's funded by the government and one of the main priorities of New Labour has been control of the media.
  13. The Beeb may be excessively PC at times but I dont think its biased towards any particular viewpoint, sceptical of the govt yes but biased no.

    For its faults it is still far preferable to the shock jock Fox News that the knobbers in that article would like us all to see.

    Besides in this day and age when we have the world's news at our fingertips on the internet, there's no point whining about bias, just switch off.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer


    The BBC is irredeemably left of centre. The only doubts it has are around whether it hates Tony Blair more than the Tories.
  15. Why are we always subject to the england and wales bias of the bbc it is always most noticable on the "National" news when stating statistics on the NHS, Education, Policing, Uemployment the list goes on. Why can they not mention Scotland in the news does Scotland Have no unemployment no policing dificulties, education issues. If this is a national company then let English viewers see how they compare to Scottish viewers and PLEASE BBC stop trying to pass off facts and figures from England as those of the Whole UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!