BBC and Albanians

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dread, Sep 28, 2006.

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  3. Yes but Dread is being an alarmist and racist tw@t

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  1. Link: Albanian scum get caught slave trading

    Just been reading a report on the BBC news website about a Latvian girl who was promised a job in the UK, but on arrival she was sold to a pimp for prostitution. Unlike many she managed to escape.

    So what? Happens all the time.

    The problem I have is that this industry is controlled by Albanians, Bulgarians and Romanians. The people who did this are called Yiber Dauti and Riza Hoxha. The BBC claims the former is from London and the other from Ilford.

    B0LLOCKS! They are Albanian scum (no, not all Albanians are scum. The majority are a very proud people but a large number of the Albanian immigrants to the UK should not be here, and have a proven penchant for criminality).

    Why does the BBC lack the cahoonas to report foreign criminals in our country as such?

    Is it part of their pretence that the world is a lovely place and we should welcome every stranger to our shores and make no distinction between the scum and the cream? Are they scared that if they reported accurately there would be an uproar over the current corrupt and morally bankrupt administration in power and their failure to fulfil the most rudimentary task of Government: to secure our borders?
  2. Sadly it is not the first story of this sort.

  3. So the BBC does sometimes name the country where these crims come from. Well that buggers my argument!
  4. Its the Beeb what do you expect ??? Another thing that grips my sh1te with the kn0bs is on the news when reporting anything to do with Iraq/Afghan they always have to call it the "so called" war on terror. This happened all day on R2s news bulletins today. It IS a war on terror FFS.

  5. And they are criminals who should be dealt with - or better yet just deported, rather than waste tax-payers money on imprisoning them.

    But - what about those who also use and abuse these girls - The customers. Should not they also be punished ? They must be blind if they do not know how these girls came to be in brothels. Morally they are just as guilty.
  6. I thought everyone referred to it with the same cynical balk. I don't see anyone going after those spiders that scare the snot out of me.
  7. So whats the deal with Transnational crime...

    e.g. Is an ethnic chinese 3rd generation Brit...Chinese or British if he is a Snake Head?

    Is a 3rd Generation Black Brit.....Jamacan or British if he is a Yardie.

    Were the 7/7 bomber british or pakistani.

    Ethnicity and Nationaly or Place or Residnce are not always the same thing..
  8. True enough, but the chances are that these thugs arrived here in the last 10 years direct from Albania etc. There was an interesting line from some Bulgarian Govt guy the other day saying entry to the EU will make no difference because everyone who wanted to leave for W. Europe had already gone.

    Dunno, but I wish these blokes would take a leaf out of the Polish book and look for real jobs !
  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I did always think that the only benefit I got from my tour in Kosovo was being able to tell those interminable Albanian hot dog sellers that used to invade London every summer to piss off in their own language.
  10. I have a fuzzily held and not overly self-analysed or thought out belief that a person is a 'Brit' if they are either: a. born and educated in the UK (from prep school to uni) or b. hold a British passport.

    So in answer about the Snake Head, the Yardie and the 7/7 bombers: they were/are all British.

    There are 1st and 2nd generation asian immigrants from Uganda who are more British than cricket and fish and chips. They fled to Britain in genuine need and we gave them a home. 99% integrated (ok, made up statistic but you get the point). The Albanians, Kosovars, Bulgarians and Romanians who have come to the UK in recent years are not intergrating. Whether it is a fault of phonee tonee's PC policies on intergration and "everyone is special" claptrap, or because the latest wave of immigrants have a culture entirely alien to our own. Generalisations rarely work, but I belive that unless they have a professional qualification then they should not be allowed to stay in this country.

    Partly because we are "approaching full" in some areas (again made worse by their failure to integrate and Govt failures) and partly because of the massive damage being done to their own economies and infrastructure by their absence.

    I am currently doing some work in Warsaw and it is impossible to recruit good people (for real salaries, not peanuts) because a huge number of the best skilled and hardest working people have left the country. The same goes for Romania and Albania - how can these countries develop when all their engineers, doctors, pilots, scientists, etc are working in the west (and keeping most of their money in the 'west' and only sending a pittance back)?
  11. There exists an opinion that wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are parts of a war for a global geopolitical domination. If there are different explanations then it would be right to use an expression "so called" pointing out that it is only one of many opinions.

    - Iraq was not a breading ground for terrorists. It has been affirmed by mr.Bush himself.
    - Formal declared cause was not a struggle with terrorism but "so called" WMD (I hope you would not object that I have used this expression in this context).

    Taking it into account at least Iraqi war hardly can be regarded as naturally a part of "so called" war on terror.