BBC Alba right now

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by nobbyd, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. Edinburgh Tattoo - Dutch Bicycle Band.

    I don't think Ive ever seen anything quite like it
  2. There was a Caribbean(?) band a few years back whose drill was... Something of a cross between the manual of elementary drill and a salsa choreography.

    They amused me.
  3. BBC where?
    Have I missed it now?
  4. Its on now, its the BBC Scotish language channel. The Brazilian (or maybe Protuguese) Naval Fusilieers have just been on. Shite

    Naval Field Gun now. Should be good
  5. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    can you get a good tune out of a bicycle then?
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  6. Stripped down version to fit the esplanade. Not all that good to be honest
  7. German Mountain Army Band now. 30 seconds in and showing the wops how it should be done. Very smart
  8. Bavarian slapping dance now, and a big log and axes
  9. Fuck me, ribbon twirlers from Ireland. They can fuck off.

    And a bloke carrying a box of herrings.

    This bit is complete shite
  10. Not if you're Dutch
  11. Well they were complete pants. Dutch are back, no bike this time

    Fuck me, they're playing Harry Bottom music now. Puffs

    Mussorgskys Night on a Bare Mountain now - that's better
  12. RN now, doing matelot things on dry land
  13. RM Bands now
  14. What's with the saluting at the top of the head? Is this a bands' thing?
  15. Whats with keeping the Eddy Tat t'other side o'wall then?
    We used to share the Royle Tourney with yous.