BBC Afghan Article.... and ARRSE gets a mention!

I thought the 'Anatomy of Death' title a bit far fetched but read the thing anyway. Chuffed to see 'we' get a mention towards the end.

Arrse, the self-styled Army Rumour Service, an online forum for soldiers to exchange frank views, describes coroners as "becoming an extremely honourable, uncorruptable and squaddie-friendly profession in the establishment".

BBC News - Ten years of war, 10 years of inquests
Coroner David Masters, Mr Ridley's predecessor at Wiltshire, is described as a "thorn in the side of the MoD and government".

He criticised faulty electronic jamming equipment at the inquest of two men killed by a remote controlled roadside bomb, and said working equipment should be on every patrol vehicle.

When the MoD's expert witness said: "I agree, and that's the position we are working towards," Mr Masters replied: "A bit late, isn't it?"

Nicely put Mr Masters, very nicely put.
Didn't bring up Porridge_Guns thread about flies all over his cock did they?
Thankfully no, but that did make me laff


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