BBC admits inaccuracies in coverage

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. It looks as quality of the BBC as a reliable news-source is falling

  2. the BBC is so tight these days they probably subcontracted out the story to some bitter and twisted before they check there facts out (and him/her) so no surprise really
  3. The BBC should print a f*cking apology for the recent Panorama shambles.

    I wouldn't p*iss on those fools if they were burning in a pool of flaming manure. I would throw in the rest of the camera crew as kindling.

  4. That is an outrageous bit of reporting, I am thoroughly disgusted with the BBC.

    Thats not a bulldozer it's an Excavator!!
  5. Dear Mr Bubbles

    Thank you for your e-mail regarding the BBC programme 'Panorama - On Whose Orders?'.

    I understand you felt the programme was biased against the British Army.

    'Panorama' originally reported on the court martial following the death of hotel worker - Baha Mousa last year, but regarded this current allegation as worthy of follow-up, given that it is now due to reach court. The programme made very clear where they thought the evidence was less strong and open to misinterpretation; however we are sorry if you felt the programme was biased against the British Army.

    In the past year 'Panorama' broadcast a film entitled 'For Queen and Country', about how some army families of soldiers who died in Iraq have started to speak out, angered by what they see as public apathy and government inaction.

    Other 'Panorama' programmes of note include 'The Battle for Bara Palace' which contained a lot of material shot by soldiers themselves and 'Taking on the Taliban', a film shot very much from the perspective of the ordinary soldier.

    Although there was criticism of the politics of the war and the MoD in elements of these films, there was none of the conduct of the soldiers, quite the contrary. Taken as a whole, they present a powerful picture of modern warfare and proof that Panorama has no agenda in the way you imply.

    I would like to assure you that we have registered your comments on our audience log. This is the internal report of audience feedback which we compile daily for all programme makers and commissioning executives within the BBC, and also their senior management. It ensures that your points, and all other comments we receive, are circulated and considered across the BBC.

    Thank you again Mr Bubbles for taking the time to contact the BBC.


    Jonathan Dunlop
    BBC Complaints

  6. I notice the BBC has apologised. When did Radio/TV Moscow ever apologise for anything. I know it's fashionable to knock the BBC (and the Daily mail) but most of their reporting is factual and while criticising the wars in Iraq and Afghanistran rarely if ever criticise the actions of the men on the ground. Perhaps insted of following the pseudo outrage of the poster in front of yuo you may like to write something original.
  7. Fankly speaking, I don't remember even one such a case. Also I'm unaware about even one serious factualmistake made by state-run Russian radio or /and TV.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Oleg Panfilov, the head of the Moscow-based Journalism in Extreme Situations, called Russian media the "empire of lies."

    "From a position of a freedom of speech, the situation in the Russian mass media can be estimated as catastrophic," he said. "Television is the core with more than 90 percent of the population depending on it as their main source of information. But now in Russia all five national telechannels are used by the state for propagation, for distribution of an official position."

    Panfilov said that there is next to no opportunity for Russians to receive independent news.

    So how would you even know if there was a mistake?

    You've been mildly amusing in the past, now you are just being tedious.

  9. the bbc may be state funded but seen its mission in life too not only bite the hand that feeds it but go for the whole shoulder as well :twisted:
    hope it continues in this light still hate it but at least the tossers treat every one in power with contempt :roll:
  10. Astounded.

    'More fuel on that bonfire please'
    But Captain, that Panorama team are burning to death..'
    'Good point. No need to burn them quicker.' :evil:
  11. Well, yes... but only within an inherently left-wing, liberal context, the Westminster Hour and The News Quiz being cases in point. When you recruit exclusively from the left-leaning 'intelligentsia' it is unavoidable.
  12. And the response from our jury of experts is;

    "No 5hit, Sherlock"

  13. Interesting, how I'm aware about your opinion?

    Here in Moscow EuroNews channel is available 24h in Russian. And it is being brodcasted 5 hours a day on national TV-5 (culture channel).

    As for mr.Panfilov than he expresses his own private opinion, not backed by facts.

    Russian state run and state controlled TV channels don't lie openly. They rather arrang news in the desired order, present events in the specific light, pay much attention to profitable from propagandistic point of view events and only briefly mention events of another type.

    But it should be said that all more or less important events in the World are being presented on Russian state run and state controlled TV without any visible distortions of facts.

    I claim it because I use to read BBC, Telegraph, NY Times, other news-sources and I dare to say that I well informed about World events because I use different sources of information and I'm able to compare them.

    As a result I can say that Western mass-media arrang news in the desired order, present events in the specific light, pay much attention to profitable from propagandistic point of view events and only briefly mention events of another type.

    Dear Msr, don't think that there are only state run and state controlled TV channels in Russia.

    For example, there is REN-TV, available in Moscow and in many regions of Russia. It is a private TV channel with own independent news service, clearly pro-Western. Ren-TV is not very popular, but who is guilty?
  14. Thats the problem with you Russians, constant and total denial of absolutely anything which presents the Motherland ina bad light.

    The Russians didnt go on a mass rape spree across east germany and the countries they 'liberated' at the end of WW2.

    Stalin probably never had over 20 million of his own countrymen liquidated, ably assisted by hundreds if not thousands of his fellow countrymen.

    Pravda was exactly that! the pure and honest Truth and your politicians have never ever lied just told you what they wanted you to hear.

    are you really that naive? really that brainwashed to be always on the defensive about your homeland?

    The state press never lied huh tell that to the guys who had to clean up directly after Chernobyl, tell that to the relatives of Chikatlos later victims after the citizens of Rostov were told that the dissapearances were random and seldom and there was no need for panic

    Thank feck I wasnt born in the good old USSR.
  15. "...a mass rape spree" was looked upon as "spoils of war" throughout the history until now; Vikings did it, French did it, Russians, Poles, Brits, Germans, you name it.

    Sorry for repeating myself: USSR lost 26 600 000 people and out of this number only 11 944 100 military casualties. So, how many civilians were slaughtered by Germans, 14 655 900? How many soldiers that stormed Berlin lost their wives, children, parents?

    It might not justify "Berlin 1945", but it explains a lot.