BBC 'Accused" Rant

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Abdiel, Nov 21, 2010.

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  1. Stand by to be portrayed yet again as mindless killers and bullies by the enlightened Boshevik Broadcasting Corporation, while they happily munch through your licence fee.

    BBC snubs plea by head of the Army to scrap ¿deeply offensive¿ Afghan bullying drama | Mail Online

    This is not so much an outrage thread but honestly if your going to make a drama at least base it on truth rather than make shit up for shock value.
    Quote from the writer :"As a dramatist I was interested in exploring how soldiers have to be of a certain mindset to kill. It is not my intention to slur British soldiers, for whom I have the greatest respect.’
    Then explore the real reasons rather than giving in to your left wing pre-judgement of the armed forces.
    Bet they all have mushroom cloud Berrets's as well.
  2. "mindset to kill?" wow i dont recall having thoughts of killing people so thought i would join the army. I do however recall being given a rifle and bayonet and shish kebab a few sandbags.

    i guess all our ex soldiers are all in jail for murder, i mean how can they survive if they have this killers mindset?
  3. Bit of a yawn really. It's telly. Very few that watch it will change their view of our forces.
    From what I've seen from the preview, its about as accurate as Trumpton.

    The very short preview I've seen shows British troops in a convoy going through a wadi with insurgents brassing them up from point blank and no-one getting hit.

    It's telly. 'bout as much a realistic depiction of us as Linda Le Plante's 'civvies' was. My suggestion is to watch it then comment.
  4. Trumpton??? whos gone mad there..who pulls the strings eh ,eh eh?
  5. Trumpton was yet another BBC Fictional production.

    just don't start slagging off Jess, postman Pat's cat. i love Jess.
  6. It would be lovely, just once, if some politician or General, when asked a bone question like "What do you think of the new TV drama that shows soldiers eating babies and wanking off over murdered puppies?" responded not with "OUTRAGE ETC" but just said, "Who gives a shit? It's only a telly programme for God's sake."
  7. shhhh, the BBC are filming an SAS Docudrama, were the SAS raid the RSPCA look for Andrex puppies have a dump and wipe their butts on the Andrex puppies to teach the little darlings to leave the soft bog rolls alone because they dont like using the tracing paper to wipe their bums with.

    The BBC wanna show the world the SAS are well 'ard
  8. I know it's just TV and not much to be worried about, what pissed me off was that writer is trying to pass this off as an interlectuall script and also his claim that he deeply respects British Troops you clearly don't if your putting something like this on the screen.
  9. Three poor reviews. If they were in "Time Out" I would take that as a "probably don't need to watch" indicator.

    The BBC, it's your license money folks.

  10. [​IMG]

    And whilst we're here, who left General Sir Peter out in the rain?

  11. Jimmy McGovern does have form for scripts of these types. But it pays the rent and means one less Scouser on the dole.
    By using Mackenzie Crook in the lead, I wonder how many viewers will feel that it wasn't as funny as 'The Office' or that they should have kept the ships and Johnny Depp as the main character?
  12. I'm just impressed by the willing suspension of disbelief required to see Mackenzie Crook as a soldier when he's built like an anorexic teenage girl.
  13. There is an old adage paraphrased here , "throw enough shit at something and some will stick"! It would appear that the marxist lovies at the BBC have been and are still doing just that!!!
  14. I am outraged!!!!Get the bus out!!!! How dare you claim Trumpton was fictional!!! The old dears in my home are shattered,red and yellow pills being handed out like Smarties! Take it back admit you are wrong.
  15. It might be "just telly" but, unfortunately, the great unwashed actually believe everything they see on it. Witness the number of get-well cards sent to that one off Corrers who was supposed to have been blown up in Afg. Witness the idiots who saw Braveheart and believed every word of it (OK, a film, but still media). Or those wrote in telling the authorities who actually torched the Queen Vic!
    For loads of those watching, it will confirm their pre-conceived ideas about life in the Forces. At a time when the Forces are actually at war, it is a very badly timed piece of broadcasting, to say the least. That my licence fee (well, it would be if I paid it) is being used to show this, at this particular time, is the reason why the outrage bus should be fired up.