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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Run_Charlie!, Dec 21, 2006.

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  1. Just received an e mail from the BBC regarding the recent thread on accomodation standards.

    Anyone got any photos to send?
  2. If you mail pictures the prices will go up - be careful not to caption it with estate agent hype
  3. Get them to check out Cavalry Bks in Hounslow. Shocking in this day and age that troops are having to live in a hole like that.
  4. BAFF is building a campaign about poor quality SLA. You can send pics/comments/video files to campaigns @ You don't need to be a BAFF member to contribute.

    Any pics welcome, including those of good standard accommodation (there is some!). It's not just ORs accommodation either - SNCO's and Officer's messes are often just as bad. Try to include interior as well as exterior images; a few words pointing out any defects that aren't obvious would be helpful, too. BAFF will respect confidentiality.

    BAFF isn't in competition with the BBC - anything that highlights the scandalous standard of some accommodation is helpful.
  5. You should ask her if she has seen any barrack rooms before - she surely will have!!! :lol:
  6. The SFA are not exactly in good condition either!
    Freezing outside with no insulation, poor heating and damp all around.
    Have a good christmas, from New Labour!!
  7. Only the ceilings!!

  8. First images are now available on BAFF website.

    Though the first campaign is concerned with SLA, we've included some images of SFA too - it was too bad to miss out!
  9. I've replied with a link to the BAFF page, hope that's OK
  10. Absolutely! Thank you.
  11. If Marianne wishes me to take some moving images of the shocking state of my back passge, then she has another thing coming!

    ...........mind you, if she wants to take them herself, I might be persuaded.

    Anyone got any pics of Sandhurst Block at Theipval? Now THAT is shite!
  12. You need a smell phone to get the true squalor of the transit accommodation at Lydd across.
  13. How about the s SLA in Dulmen, it is absolutely disgusting - especially the SNCOs and WOs mess, which frankly needs to be closed and rebuilt- or provided as free accn.
  14. I particularly remember the Sgts's Mess in Maidstone where you couldn't walk past another member in the corridor because it was so narrow! You could barely carry a standard issue MFO box down the corridor. And that is taking the piss, IMHO!

    And the barracks won an award when it was built - reportedly. Must have been designed by that shit Poulson!

  15. Try Sandhurst block in Thiepval Barracks, Lisburn. It was condemned before I was posted in, was still condemned three years later when I was posted out ...