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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Whiskybreath, Apr 8, 2007.

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  1. I was going to put this into the J Beharry VC thread but I think it's about a wider issue. What really irks is the fact that the BBC's television output on 1 and 2 has gone seriously downhill; there's been so little proper (interesting, entertaining, educational, broadening) content that I frankly can't remember when I last watched either channel when I was at home. Radio: I certainly don't listen to the World Service, even when in the most obscure of foreign spots, and haven't for a couple of decades since they decided that it was a forum for scarcely-intelligible announcers to introduce Yuman Rights and Elf and Safety to various foreign bastards, and not for keeping us British bastards abroad in touch with Home (as it was when I were a lad, and jolly good it were then, too). When they start apologising for the Empire, the Colonies and the terrible detriments we vile Brits left in our wake after Independence, I have to suck big prescription pills.(Do foreign bastards pay British taxes or BBC licences?)

    Anyway, it seems that the governors have decided that they should go even more down market, in an attempt presumably to gain more 'market share'; why the cretins should do that baffles me, as the BBC isn't market-driven in the first place and has a duty - in the second - to the British public, to provide radio and television programmes of a culturally high standard. That does not, repeat not, include extruding dogshit of the 'Big Brother' order, which Channel 4 has shown itself very competent at, although unprofitably, apparently. I do wish they'd get a grip on themselves. Possibly the ten years of Tony's counterfeit leadership has numbed their critical faculties, as it seems to have with much of the rest of the media. Anyone?
  2. Hmmmmmm

    Informing - Ray Mears recent series on stoneage hunter gathering was fascinating, the series highlighting HD photography in wildlife documentaries similarly so. For those into fast cars then Top Gear has successfully reinvented itself.

    Drama - Life on Mars is unequalled and only tonight the Martin Shaw crime drama was gripping stuff.

    There IS a some guff on, but it is across the channels and not especially the BBC
  3. Wow Sven, you had time to watch all that shoite and still unbuckle your sandals with one hand whilste shredding the 'read' pages of the Pravda, sorry 'Guardian' and taking the provervial rounds.
  4. Sven - haven't seen any of that stuff, except when my tractordriving son superglues himself to Top Gear for an hour, on some other Sky-type channel.
    Plays, films and readings? Shakespeare? Sciences? Serious investigative journalism? Music (real music, that is)? Politics - forums without the rentaplatoons?

    No, there's a vast desert of it waiting to be explored, and it doesn't need vast expenses to do it, either. The salaries of all the pointless administrators and other dead wood at the BBC could finance most of what's necessary. They know who they are, and they're scared shitless.
  5. ...... shi't, perhaps?
  6. The decline of the BBC TV began with John Birt's Producer Choice in the late 1980's. Since then 90% of the creative talent have been kicked out of the organisation and replaced with accountants.

    They don't make hardly any of their own programmes any more. It's all done by independent production companies who are motivated by profit rather than quality or non-commercial programming.

    It's obsessed with Political Correctness, "positive" discrimination (!), and health and safety. At one time they even stuck stickers on the hot taps in the bathrooms that read "Caution Hot Water" and other stickers on each pane of glass in a glazed bridge reading "Beware Glass"!!

    Very sad, another great institution wrecked.
  7. I think the hoo ha re Gilligan really scared the BBC. So far as I can see, they have done nothing serious since that time. Be interesting to see how their new servile posture effects Election Night coverage.