BBC a propaganda media network?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunoficarus, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. Says it all really imo.
  2. What took wikileaks so long to find out what we have known for years?
  3. Andrew Marr - 'a raving Leftie'. Who said that? He did!

    A fashionable 'socialist' - public school educated (Loretto), and Cambridge.

    Does this spoon full of smegma love himself, or not?

    He has a post-graduate degree in: 'Look How Clever I am'. This was obtained from the James Naughtie and Mr. Melvyn Bragg college of:

    'Millionaire Socialists Are Us'.

    They are the biggest bunch of cvnts in our life; and I include Prescott and Blair!!!
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  4. That's extremely similar to the Mail article. Churnalism at work?

    Well, the Mail article is similar to the Telegraph, which is likely the original.
  5. the BBC has a bias? sure does. and it swings left or right according to whoever are the most likely to be outraged by their reporting.
  6. I would have thought any news organisation worth their salt would have telephone numbers or links to extremist organisations that make the news. In the height of the IRA's activities I imagine a lot of newspaper reporters, tv media correspondents or programme makers had a telephone number or contact within that particular organisation whom they could get an inside perspective or comment. Substitute IRA for the latest terrorist group AQ.
  7. Maybe BBC is a propaganda media network, maybe. But surely not expanding one. Recently BBC-Russian Radio has stopped to broadcast in SW and MW.
  8. that's a relief! the BBC is better than i thought then. so it's the harmless sort of propaganda, unlike the DM's and Telegraphs badly written bile.
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    His degree was thrown out the pram when he took out his super injunction in 2008 (He's now said he is very sorry just ahead of a Private Eye challenge so we can talk about it).

    Everybody not in the BBC knew he had done it but not why. Cue rumours of a gay affair that persist even today. The truth is more funny. Had an affair and the bird got pregnant. Cue Andrew confessing to his Missus and starting to pay maintainence. Only for a DNA test to reveal that he was not the father.

    But I agree with Marr about the BBC having a cultural rather than political biase. Too many PC Luvvies accountable to nobody but bigger PC Luvvies.
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  10. A bit like the tripe you write here, at least the Telegraph can understand the English language and form it into sentences which are mostly grammatically correct, unlike yours.
  11. Nothing new. A bit of a non-story. The BBC has shown over the last 15 years where the reporting has slanted - it's just starting to confess now (shades of licence fee cuts) that it COULD have been more balanced. Once the budget is sorted it will be back to business as usual
  12. The Beeb World Service TV showed the 'Real IRA' having their protest over Easter.
    Only one wide shot as they marched up.
    Then a 'Tight' series of shots showing just the Firing party. Gave impression of large crowd.
    CNN showed same meeting, wide shot very few attending.
    The last thing the People of Ireland need or want is a return to the bad days from 69 onward.

  13. i feel hurt now. having a dinosaur-daily-mailist-middle-class-old-twat-with-a-shite-dog critisize my english.



    please, next time you have something to say to me... have something to say. that's all i really want from you.
    although, next time we should happen to have different opinions on any specific topic, please answer my questions, address my points, and don't just repeat the same tosh ad infinitum.

    or at least, leave the insults out of it if you want to seem like the superior being you think you are. otherwise you just come across as a bit of a small minded cretin. if i may say so.

    good night.
  14. Well, I say!