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  1. You may not have heard of it, but BBC 6 Music is a radio station only available on DAB digital radio. That said you can get it through Sky (channel 0120), Freeview and on the interweb (though it probably doesnt work overseas on the interweb)


    Also the BBC website above does 'listen again' where you can hear most shows as podcasts for a week after they are broadcast.

    As far as I am concerned it is by far the best station on the radio. The mix of music, the presenters and the general style of the station is far superior to others, especially commercial stations.

    To me what makes 6 Music great is the eclectic mix of music, from modern classics, live music and up and coming bands, you wont find any chart rubbish (no simon cowell/ X factor garbage/take that/pop/ R&B/ garage etc). If i listen to the likes of Radio 1 it isnt long before i turn it of as i dont want to listen to the idiotic babbling of the likes of Moyles or some of the gawd-awful music they play. Over and over again.

    With 6 Music you will probably not hear the same song twice on any given day. The presenters have a large latitude to what they play; the playlists are minimal or non-existent in some cases.

    The presenters are a great mix, some you will have heard of, some not but all are knowledgeable and passionate about the music they play. A good number of them are artists in their own right. Lauren Laverne (ex Kenickie), Jarvis Cocker, Huey Morgan, Bruce Dickinson, Cerys Matthews, Craig Charles (yes, Lister from Red Dwarf!), Marc Riley (The boy Lard from the Mark and Lard show, also former band member of the Fall). Also you will find other presenters with excellent shows, Adam and Joe, John Holmes who does a very funny show in Friday afternoons, the Shaun Keavney breakfast show is particularily good and many others.

    Another great thing about this station is that whatever time of day you put it on there is usually interesting music. You will hear a lot of old session recordings from John Peel and other BBC shows as well as live bands on several times a day.

    Some shows that are particularily good are: Friday Night Rock show with Bruce Dickinson (for those who do not rock, he is the lead singer of Iron Maiden, up the Irons!).

    The Craig Charles Funk and Soul show is worth the license fee alone. Its on Saturdays 7-10pm and you will hear funk, disco, soul, northern soul and all sorts on there, well worth a listen.. great to get byou in the mood for a night out!

    Day to day the shows are far superior to any competitors, especially Radio 1. Im in my mid 30s now and basically cant stand Radio 1 and the garbage they pump out. There are no decent commercial stations and im not ready for Radio 2 and Ken Bruce et al yet! If I was more eloquent I would try and give a better review and recommendation!

    So why am I banging on about it? Many of you will never had heard about this station. The BBC doesn’t really advertise it and it’s only available on digital. I only found it by accident! I bought a DAB radio so I could listen to the footy on 5 Live in perfect clarity and turned on 6 Music by mistake. That was about 3 years ago and I haven’t listened to any other station since, no joke!

    Im banging on about it because a) ive got some spare time on my hands b) It really is good and deserves a recommendation and c) the BBC are currently planning on shutting it down in about 2 years!

    This is sodding madness! This is by far the best thing on the radio so why they are closing it I do not know. Also, it fits the BBC charter perfectly. They dont play the chart crap that the record companies pump out, they play a lot of older music and new unheard of bands. This might not be the taste of teenagers etc but that’s the whole point of the BBC, they are not there to pander to numbers but to produce decent quality programming.

    However, there is some light. There has been a lot of support for 6 Music in the press and from people in the music business as well as many listeners and the BBC trust has already said they may well review the situation given the support. If you are a listener and you want 6 Music to remain you can make your voice heard at the BBC strategy review website.


    So, if you have heard of 6 Music and want it to stay do your part. If you haven’t, give it a go for a few days and trust me im sure you won’t turn back. If you want to hear the latest X factor song or Take That or gansta rap, go to Radio 1. And stay there.

  2. you'll find that Red Dwarf is on bbc 7, not 6.
  3. Yes it is... but Craig Charles (from Red Dwarf, d'you see what I did there?) has a show on BBC6.

    It's a great channel, along with BBC7 for comedy and drama. Drowns out the dross my pikey neighbours are usually playing..
  4. ??

    Craig Charles who plays Lister in Red Dwarf has a show on 6 Music, but Red Dwarf itself isnt on 6 Music.

    The Craig Charles Funk and Soul show has nothing to do with Starbug, the Cat or Rimmer.... or curry monsters!
  5. hmmm messiah complex by any chance mate? :roll:
  6. Listening to Lard right now.....