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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Oct 8, 2011.

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  1. One of the 2 that went on tour returned early, any reason why, think it was andrew forti?
    Very good program on the training and the sterling work young soldiers are undertaking.
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  2. Why are you wanting to nosh him off?
  3. Does your social worker say your medication needs upping?
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  4. No, but the pink elephant says I should kill my social worker, should I worry?
  5. Ill health. Don't know what though.
  6. I suspect it wasn't that urgent. On his Plentyoffish dating page (link on the other Young Soldiers thread), he's talking up loads about being in the Parachute Regimnet. Considering he only came back a couple of months ago from A coy, 1 Rifles, he can't have been too bad to be in the Para's already?

    Just saying like
  7. A classic case of not being breast fed as a baby.

    Cheers brummiebuy & Fat_Cav:
    Did think it strange that he came home early, but nothing to major then.
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  8. RTFQ


    Of course he came back early you numpty. It's sh1t out there.

    What the UK needs (I imagine) is a public reversal of roles. Instead of sending the Young Soldiers on tour, they should send the x factor ones and let the little squaddies sing stuff on tv every week. Noting the example the young royals, they should stand Harry and the other one down, and send pippa and Kate out know, Defend and sh1t.

    That wedding would have been very different if Pippa waddled down behind her sis having just got back from six months gun-bunnying in budwan for some northern arty regt.
  9. Pippa would be very bow legged I imagine.