BBC 3 have got it correct once more

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by verdi_811, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. It is a shame when a guards officer returns from a herric tour and is told go away '' you are no longer wanted in the mess and he has to go to woolwich ( RA garrison mess) to get him outa the way . What the **** did he do so wrong other than being a clown to deserve this ? In other officer's messe's he would have been seen as a breath of fresh air so why did capt guitair hand in his retiremnt forms?????????
  2. Grumblegrunt

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  3. Care to clarify with a link for those of us in foreign climes?
  4. HHH

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    What has BBC 3 got correct and how do you know the above happened?
  5. Mlar??????
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  6. As I see it there are three possibilities, he'd either commited the hienous crime of passing the port to the left.....had gone in to bat for the other side, .......or he forgot to salute the colours whilst mounting the regimental goat.....

    He should really have been shown to a quiet room containing a decanter of whisky and a loaded Webley MkIV.
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  7. Mmmmmm, judging by your grammar, your inability to spell and punctuation I'd say that you are either a 12yr old Romanian pickpocket or a clueless shitcunt.

    Care to present any evidence to support your gibbering claims?
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  8. Schaden

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    "other than being a clown"

    I think that would cover most indiscretions.
  9. You sir are smoking crack
  10. I've read the OP three times now and I'm sure it's not just the Guinness getting to me but:
    BBC3 - What did they get right?
    Aren't you rather denigrating the Royal Artillery mess here? Are you saying it is not a good mess?
    Has the Guards officer not paid his mess bill? Maybe he run up a bloody huge one before deploying.
    A little more info has been asked for. Any forthcoming or do we need to get on the Ouija board or uncover the crystal ball?
  11. He might have been posted to Nijmegan Company which are/were based in Woolwich at the time
  12. I thought you meant Chris Lilleys latest effort
  13. Or blowing goats.
  14. Isn't he talking about that "Xander" bloke who shot the rather gay James-Blunt-alike video.
  15. LancePrivateJones

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    Due to the absence of any intelligible clarification from the OP, do you know any more info?

    Mildly interested due to enigmatic thread.