BBC 3: Conspiracy Road Trip - 7/7 Bombings

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Crash, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. Did anyone watch this excellent piece of 'debunking' the 7/7 Bombings? Here's the BBC Blurb:

    Duration: 1 hour

    It has been seven years since the London bombings of 7/7, one of the worst terrorist atrocities in recent British history. Unbelievably, some people question the official version of events and think the British establishment orchestrated its own 9/11-style attacks in order to firm up support for the war in Iraq.

    Comedian Andrew Maxwell thinks this is nonsense and, in an effort to tackle the truth, is taking four such conspiracy believers on a road trip from Leeds to London to recreate the exact journey the bombers took. Each of them believes a different conspiracy theory - from claiming the train times were falsified by the government to the idea that home-made bombs could never have caused such damage. They talk to eyewitnesses, families of victims, government officials and specialists to uncover the truth about what happened that day.

    Firstly two of the four 'conspiracy theorists' were complete knobs; one of them is just a 6th Former-type know-it-all knob whereas the other chap, from Selby - claiming to have a 'security background' that he would not discuss - saw causal conenctions between every fragment of so-called evidence. To his credit, he did eventually recant his belief in a security service conspiracy at the end. The other bloke (girlfriendless, I wager) remained convinced that the Government was behind this to support 'wars of colonialism' in the Middle East. Knob.

    The scene demonstrating that HME could de-roof a bus was particularly interesting - black pepper and Hydrogen Peroxide added to a double-decker ina quarry in Wilts. Epic (I just hope it doesn't give anyone any ideas...)

    Hee's the Iplayer link:

    BBC iPlayer - Conspiracy Road Trip: 7/7 Bombings

    Anyone recognise the guy from Selby? Ex TA perchance?
  2. I had it on in the background so didn't take much notice but IIRC at one point the fat ****** said his background was CCTV.
  3. Saw a similar programme that Andrew Maxwell hosted last year. He took a group from the UK, who believed that the 11th September 2001 attacks were a government conspiracy, to the US to debunk their views. Similar mix of personality types.
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  4. Yes, he said CCTV and a 'security background I can't talk about'...presumably he had been fired from working at the Meadowhall Shopping Centre fro knicking sweets. Unfortuantely I'm outside of teh UK so can't get it on Iplayer and it hasn't turned up on You Tube yet. Still a knob, though.
  5. I flicked over just before they did the HME demo, with that clown convinced it wouldn't have an affect.

    What exactly did they think was going on in Ireland most of the time? I got the impression the makers wanted us to feel almost glad that they'd steered these lost folk towards the truth, personally they should have locked the ***** in that bus then squeezed the clacker, ****ing tards.
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    The Sunday Times sent a young Pakistani reporter into Bradford a couple of years ago. The kid lived there for a month and talked to otherwise sensible people - non radical shopkeepers, business owners etc in the Pakistani community. It was scary how many of them casually believed 7/7 was a Brit intelligence fit-up. Mainly for the reasons stated above. A recurring theme was some cobblers about credit cards not being destroyed in the blast.
  7. I saw it on iPlayer and thought it was a waste of license payers money, they took some morons with them, except the bird who was a journo of sorts- she would deffo get smashed!

    Edited to add, conspiracy theories are interesting and perfectly healthy- they show that people are paying attention. But in the case of 7/7 I really think it is all tripe.
  8. My wife harrumphed when I chose to watch the programme, but after a while she thought that it was a good peice of public broadcasting and identified these conspiracy theorists for what they are - complete and utter twat virgins.
  9. I think it was weak, there are many who could put much better cases than those idiots, really they were idiots. Outing them as such was the purpose of the program.
  10. Interesting use of the BBC in an attempt to debunk (admittedly baseless) conspiracy crap.
    It wont work, as the target audience see the Beeb as an arm of government in any case.
  11. Chillingly similar to that Four Lions film. No explanation of who was behind 7/7 though, there was clearly some conspiring going on to get the 4 of them together. Of course, the UK government's foreign policy being the motivating force behind it fits equally well whoever you believe detonated the bombs, the only difference is what you believe the reaction of the general public will be.
  12. I'm still amazed that people think that the UK government is efficient enough to pull something like 7/7 off without every Tom, Dick and Harry knowing about it by lunch time the next day!

    Barking mad 🙉
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  13. As said the Irish showed what can be done with a bit of funding (including from the showers of shite that did and still do earn money here to send it over there for 'the cause') and a resolute mind. I'd struggle to fit a conspiracy theory around the IRA and I've an active imagination - perhaps Thatcher tried to explode herself and her husband?

    Some terrorists are so ****ing thick no government could be behind it. What was that recent ruse out in Gibraltar - hand gliders dropping bombs into a shopping mall? Who comes up with these ideas!?

    Four Lions very apt. Bombs strapped to trained crows sent into Boots, "so the slags can't get their contraception."
  14. Maybe he meant CBBC. I was surprised these idiots were being indulged and the only reason I can think of for dignifying their ramblings was that it was feared they were widely held and it would be a public service of sorts to debunk them. I think it about as necessary as it would be to make a programme in which David Icke is allowed to try and peel George W. Bush's face off to expose the lizard beneath.
  15. I've often wondered that. If you really wanted to cause mass casualties in the name of something, it would be quite simple to achieve with no equipment or support.