BBC 2 Tonight - The Fallen 9:05pm - 12:10am

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Nov 15, 2008.

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  1. Harrowing doesn't begin to describe Morgan Matthews's extraordinary film. It sets itself a huge task: to commemorate every British serviceman who has died in the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts. It achieves this mostly by talking to surviving family members - parents, siblings and, most heartbreakingly, children of those who have died. There are dozens of memorable scenes, forming an enormous mosaic of grief and loss. "I don't show emotion easily," says one officer's clipped, stiff-upper-lipped father, but when he does, as he recalls his son's funeral, it's unbelievably sad. As are the teenage girls recalling the smell of their father's aftershave and reading his last email: he hanged himself while on active service. Or the dad explaining how he still buys his son a Christmas present every year. The film is mostly about remembering, and the way grief can shred lives and families. But there are moments of humour and wisdom, too. The cumulative effect is overwhelming, but if you don't feel able to weather the full three hours, it's worth watching at least a part.
  2. I presume that the servicewomen who died will also be included in the programme? You only mentioned men, sorry to nitpick. This programme is what all walts should be made to watch, particularly a "baron" who we all love here on arrse.
  3. B_and_T did this yesterday. Do get with the times dear.
  4. Don't know if they will cover the females who have died (they should of course) - we will remember them, all.
  5. I hope they do, I couldnt imagine being a family member of one of the deceased ladies', watching this programme tonight and finding that it was just the blokes who were featured in it. It would probably be a tad bit of a kick in the teeth.
  6. This is the type of TV program that kids should watch but it's been put on after midnight. Opportunity lost.
  7. Does the word 'mankind' only refer to males now as well? You arse.
  8. I never said that, no need to get stressed over it.
  9. *whooosh*
    There's the sound of my point going right over your head.

    Must we always specify that women are included? Or are most of us intelligent enough to realise that its implied?
  10. Bumped!
  11. Where does it say it is on after midnight?

  12. It's on til 0010 - cleverhead.

    Don't you steal the telly pages from the mess?

    I've got my tissues ready and am sleeping all afternoon to stay awake for it.
  13. I just clicked on the Sky TV guide info, and noted that it only referred to Afghanistan (not Iraq)? However, to clarify:
  14. I fear that there may still be to much Dust in the air for me to watch this program tonight. It still seems to be hanging around from last Sunday....
  15. Poof.

    If I can do it, you can.