BBC 2 Now India with Sanjeev Bhaskar

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by oldgoat, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. Travelling India showing all sides = 10 seconds on the poor and the rest on bangalor space center.
    showing the rich and upper cast blah blah blah.

    and we give india over £200 million every year.

    possible 20,000 OLD people = pensioners may die this winter.
  2. Good..........useless old cunts, more custard creams for the rest of us.
  3. and they spend it on cricket, triple the money, then put it in their pockets.
  4. Good one.

    He, he and there was me thinking i would get abuuuse.

    or another PM.
  5. I was thinking more on building another Bohpal in the mddle of Calcutta.
  6. Another PM? Not from me, I've never PMed you. If I did, would you invite me round for tea and toast?
  7. Why, don't you like Indians?
  8. No actually i was thinking if we reduce the number of homeless/beggers of low cast status in india we could then refuse to give them £200 million every year to feed such low cast people. and remove thier embarresment of having such a cast system.

    Ungratefull fcukers.
  9. Apologies accepted.

    Some other arrser sent me a pm with a couple of compliments.

    I replied asking why he/she could not use one of the forums to reply to my post. Street cred and all that.

    Oh and only if you bring the ahem "Biscuits"
  10. I've got some Jammy Dodgers somewhere, will that do?

    Please let it be my Bickies that told the troll to f*uck off.
  11. Apologies accepted?
    I haven't apologised, nor have I had reason to.
    You're an odd one Oldgoat. I'll pop round with the Bourbon creams, but you may want to lube up and precanulate, I can get a bit lively.
  12. Promises, promises.

    I wouldn't touch with that with yours mate.
  13. last time I was on the beach the children kept screaming "theres a whale stranded" and promptly tried to push me back into the sea.

    My bold.
    Oh and dont worry, the last brigadier (ex RAOC) I had the privalage to insult said the same. And he went on to head the NAFFI supply system thus replacing the RAOC supply depots.

    Like I said, jobs for the boys.
  14. Good, sounds like a great bloke.
    Privatise the supply systems, sack the grumpy old career blanket stackers, bring in Poles and Ukrainians to staff the NAAFI, outsource the gate guarding to private companies, replace stroppy company admin desk wallahs with a computer and spend the surplus on weaponry and extra para pay :wink:

  15. My Mate Pal Bohpal :wink: