Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by MARKCFD, Feb 11, 2008.

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  2. Good stuff Cross Fit is. Shame you need to spam it lol
  3. Advert yes but with good intentions, the majority of people train wrong for joining up......... or even when serving, so if you are going to try and reach the right people you come to where those people hang out... and by the way if you go to the message board, linked to the site we give loads of info out for free, so mucker you jumped the gun!!!!!!
  4. Couldn't agree more :D

    I do like the Crossfit work
  5. All the info is free buddy, so come along and add your knowledge to board, we have a thread for military info for people who want to join up, so your knowledge is more upto date than mine...... And it would be good to have other inputs from mil sources as myself and my mucker have both been in the civvie system for a while.........


  6. Longshot MARKCFD but dont suppose you know of anyone who runs the system in Liverpool or if anyone has any plans to start up? Im a big crossfit fan, ive got my kettlebells and rings etc so I try to follow the WOD's at home if I can but it would be great to do it alongside others.
  7. Alright bud

    Off top of my head no, but their are two guys in Manchester who have set up a CF gym... if you goto my message board I have put all UK links on there. Join if you fancy it? and there are 2 other fully qualified crossfit instructors who are members and the info is freeflow, so ask anything and we will help you out, I will be on my board mostly so if you want to know anything CF wise or just info on trainin just ask.

    Nice1 buddy

  8. I live in Derby and just wanting to hear back after handing in my medical forms and ironically i heard your adverts on the radio on the way back from the ACIO! Is their a age limit cause im only 16!