BB will hits illigal downloaders from next April

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by diverre, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. Was talking to a m8 of mine today who works in a PC Shop in Charminster Bournemouth.

    He told me that the Government is planning a new system to be launched from next April which will be mandatory for all UK ISP's that will make a log of all users downloads recording downloads of Music and Movies and Games etc.

    He was told this by some of his friends from Bournemouth University who know about and or have been beta testing the program.

    Not that I download movies or music of course :) but I'm not too chuffed about it.

    Typical NuLiarbur........allow £35K funding for Islamic Fundamentalist nothing to stop kiddy porn.........But go big time after the lesser evils.
  2. Of dear, how sad, never mind!
  3. are all 10 of your posts that worthwhile??

    stream the data and record it as you listen mate 'wink wink'
  4. edited for being a mong
  5. edited for being a mong
  6. just use an encryption program like utorrent
  7. It's been mantatory for ISPs to record all URIs you visit for some time now. The length of time has increased to 6 years.

    However, as far as I know, it is not an offence to download copy righted matterial, only uploading is??

    Any one here have a difinitive answere on the above?

    Oh and bye the bye, Ez Computers sucks arrse, but they are in Winton/Mordown. Who is in Charminster :)
  8. Cant be stopped on P2P
  9. Copyrights, Designs and Patents act and the Data Protection act. It's illegal to download it to.
  10. Any prosecutions ??
  11. Well an apology is due CheggersRE m8. I totally misread and misinterpreted your reply after the sprog was sarcastic and also ranted at you when I was angry at him, didn't read your reply properly and thought every one was on sarcastic mode.

    Sorry mate and I hope you accept my apology.

    rmgbem your a VV@nker by the way!
  12. Chill

    The Copyright Designs and Patents Act 19898 (as amended by the Copyright and Related Rights Regulations 2002) does not make it an offence to download material from the internet for personal and private use, it makes it an offence to distribute, make available, sell, or communicate a copyrighted work to another without the authority of the original owner.

    The list of exclusions is exhaustive, but there is no specific offence of downloading for personal and private use only.

    Nobody has, to my certain knowledge, ever been busted for downloading in either the UK or the USA. Different story for uploading or sharing.

    ISPs have been using bandwidth shaping for some time now, although usually in cases where there appears to have been excessive P2P usage. Virgin are now about to issue a "three strikes and you're out" policy, pandering to Geoff Taylor's BPI. Others are likely to follow suit, although the fragmented nature of torrents means that identification of a specific named file by the ISP is practically impossible.

    Use of UTorrent is dangerous, it is now closed source and wholly owned by (the company set up on the back of Bram Cohen's original site, and headed by Ashwin Navin who has openly done deals with the MPAA in the US).

    Use of Emule is crazy and risky, don't even go there.

    Newsgroups seem to be the way to go, as there is no sharing aspect, you only d/l. Usenet is fairly good if you can't hack the complexities/can't be arrsed.

    Stream ripping is also OK, but quality is variable at best. Audacity is a good programme for that, so is iRadio. This is covered as an exemption under S70 of the CDPA.

    Not that I know anything about the subject, of course :twisted:
  13. As has been said, it's uploading, not downloading that people have been done for.

    This is mainly due to the "making a copy of something you already had" clause.

    Now, lets say for instance you wanted to send a copy of a film / software etc to your mate who you knew also had a legal copy of the material but didn't want the hassle of being investigated for doing it, you may consider using a program like PeerGuardian2, also known as PG2.

    This stops anti P2P ISP's from registering your IP addy as a "seeder".

    Should only be used legally of course and I would never suggest that any of you that are thinking about using Torrent networks use PG2 to stop being caught for down / up loading illegal copies.

    You also need to know that if you ever did break the law by downloading illegal copies, which I disagree with, that the second that you begin to "leach" (i.e. download), you are also "seeding" (i.e uploading) so you are breaking the law. Although PG2 would help to prevent you being caught, it is very naughty and wrong.
  14. Fukk Em All.

    I, and no doubt millions of others have purchased many albums at least three or four times. Placcy Records, 8 track :oops: , cassette, and now CD, next up is mini disks and Blueray.

    Since the cassette days a certain percentage of the cost of blanks goes to the artist, Cd's and recording CD's are the same. Add to that, blank VCR tapes, radio station fees, recording artist fees, royalty fees, and you soon realise these gits have been hosing us for decades.

    Just because it is Illegal doesn't make the law RIGHT, liars, and bullshit artists have lobbied the government to bring these laws into place.
    Entertainers they may be (and some are fcukin great to be honest) but they don't have a god given right to make zillions of dosh.

    When Records and Cassettes were in vogue there was nothing to stop you taking your entire collection to your mates and letting him record the whole damn shebang. What is pishing the studios off is that they missed the feckin internet boat and instead whined about losing revenue from their retail outlets.

    Don't even get me started on the whinging whiney fecked up dough heads that put out a few albums, buy themselves a 5 million quid home and then book into rehab.

    Rant mode Off....

    p.s. My wife won't let me watch the oscars coz I spoil it for her she say's....I don't know why. :evil: