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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by StabTiffy2B, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. She's at it again.

    This time on Abacus Talk. Can a mod shoot over there and correct/ban her?
  2. Well spotted. That needs deleting so bump.
  3. Well spotted Stabby. I've replied - she's no friend of mine

    Leave it for all to see is my recommendation but if one of the ARRSEPedia mods wishes to delete it permanently then so be it.

    Looks like as well as pi$$ing you lot off I've got a loony stalker on my hands as well now :lol:

    Just as well I'm so anonymous isn't it? 8O
  4. She obviously sees the royal bood running in your veins :lol:

    From "TALK ABACUS"
  5. She's still doing it, this time posing as Lairdx.

    Can't a computer geek mod, block her IP or something.
  6. ^No she isn't: Lairdx deleted another name she had inserted posing as himself the rogue! :D If I may say a good example of the site members working together on behalf of the site. Not that I want to start any more moral high ground stuff in here :lol:
  7. You're right, my mistake.
  8. Just deleted Lord Flashearts real name from "Abacus Talks" which the dozy fcukwit BB saw fit to post.

    I wonder at what stage this loony will realise that she brings all of this sh1t on herself?
  9. ^There's never a mod around when you need one - neither Hitler nor Ghostie online at the moment so it's up to us to keep deleting as soon as she posts (which she will)
  10. Surely, it's pointless removing her comments while her user name remains?

    Shouldn't someone delete this, as well?
  11. Well she is pointless herself but still this shit, whatever!
  12. ahh that time of festivities and joyous annual return of the Santa Fruitloop (Not)

    ahh well guys i suggest we will just hunker down and ride it out , i find it amusing that we occupy her every thoughts and hours of her day :lol: quite sad and i say let it run its course it will fizzle out soon enough til next year
  13. Shame she dosen't get the hint really.

    She's 'doing' the COs now.

    And she's done me, as well. I feel loved now.
  14. All deleted and blocked!

    Thanks for keeping it squared whilst I entertain myself at work :(