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How The Seven Dwarfs Got Their Names

Miss Snow White was a randy cow
And desperate for a f*ck,
So off she went into the woods,
To try and get some luck.

She'd almost given up looking,
When she saw some chimney smoke,
Then she stumbled on the cottage
And went in for a poke.

Her clothes came off in seconds
And she'd just removed her pants,
When seven dwarfs came marching in
With a merry song and dance.

Snow White just stood there speechless
And thought she was in heaven,
Originally after one good sh*g
But now she could have seven.

Straight away she took command,
"My pussy needs a lick!"
And when one dwarf moved forward,
She said, "Oi, you'd better drop you pr*ck"

So down he went onto all fours,
And said, "I aint licking that",
"Not there, that is my arsehole,
You DOPEY little brat!"

The next dwarf started blushing,
"Do we have to do it here?"
Snow White said "Dont be BASHFULL,
Unless you're a f*cking queer"

So reluctantly he whipped it out,
To prove he was no fool,
And Snow White gave a big "High-Ho",
As she rode upon his tool.

Now one dwarf wasnt smiling,
Cuz he hadn't had a sniff
And due to his impatience,
He couldn't raise a stiff.

"Relax, you GRUMPY b*stard",
So he did as he was told,
And as soon as he was hard enough,
He shot his f*cking load.

The next dwarf got a blow-job
And she took him deep quite easy,
But she just avoided brain damage,
When he sneezed, she called him SNEEZY.

With three dwarfs left she turned and said
"you're next, I want your nob!"
But no sooner had he entered her
And he was sleeping on the job.

"Wake up you SLEEPY b*stard",
She wanted more from him
And he woke with such excitement,
That he filled her hairy quim.

The next dwarf rammed his up her
And sh*gged her fanny raw,
A dazed Snow White then whimpered,
"That should be against the law".

He made poor Snow White tremble,
He was so big and thick.
"No wonder you're so HAPPY,
With that f*cking great big pr*ck"

With one dwarf still remaining
But feeling rather sore,
She said "You'll have to use your tongue,
My tw@ can't take no more"

And so he put his tongue to work,
Where others had placed their c*ck,
And cuz he made Snow White feel better,
She named the last dwarf DOC.

Now Snow White couldn't do much
With all that j*zz inside her quim,
So she grabbed a cup and squatted
And filled it to the brim.

So there's the truth about the dwarves
And how they got their names,
By satisfying Miss Snow White
And joining in her games.

There's one more thing you need to know
And that's - What happened to that cup?
Well, think of what you're drinking,
When you next buy 7-UP.
why are you trying to munch her rug BB?
I find your pornographic show white post utterly disgusting and without humour, style or merit.
Hardly suitable for this site don't you think?
Or.....don't you think?
Worry not, icytrout vulgarness and crudeness all give the naafi bar more appeal :D
BB.... Hello Kettle this pot............ Black..over :D
ICY congrats on having the foulest, its a trophy I long held and reluctantly give it up, standby for me to win it back :D

Alternatively, why don't you two just have a rug munching bonanza and sort it out with a good old lesbo labia lick fest
BB puts gears into reverse, when they don't work she begins to pedal (backwards) :D :D
Why would I be drowning, I can walk on water

Can you make that pedlo go backwards :D
blondebint said:
Ice Bytch
I am disappointed that you felt it appropriate to post my private message to you here.
blah, blah, balh, dull, dull, dull.

BB, how can you EVER accuse anyone of being too crude?

A. do you not log your posts on MSN? (I do by the way, impressive collection :D )

B. This is the NAAFI, too crude would involve flying a plane full of hostages into it

Lord Flasheart said:
Er, mod standing by, discretly in the corner smoking a tab........

whistling......... :wink:
Piss off moustache man :D

Well that's by far the foulest there's been on this site.
Just my view.
Well, fcuking well done, NAAFI bar, squaddies site, little upset that it beats my request to LS to give me a handjob (as long as she takes off that 1970’s dress) , but, all in all, good humour, needs tuning to involve dead people and fat birds.

No uniform? Never worn one? Well fcuk off out of our bar then

By the way, Flash you mincer, stop standing in corners. It’s very uncouth and your gut blocks the real people from entering the urinals
In fcuking fact,

I have just read the original post (couldn't be arrsed to before), hands up everyone that has ever been in a real NAAFI that finds that offensive? anyone, no hands, anyone?

Fcuk me, if that's classed as offensive, then my "Brian the snail" trick would go down a treat :D
Lord Flasheart said:
I'm going to come out of the closet now. Im a big fat gay boy who likes blowing goats and choir boys. There, said it now.
The fat moustachio man is altering my posts, come and see the violence inherent in the system.

Don’t believe him, Flash is a rubber masked deviant who’s boyfriend publishes pictures of their gay couplings on German poo poo sites. He claims to be an AAC SNCO, but is actually an ALC LCPL who drives a bratty wagon. He spends 95% of his life in front of a computer and the other 5% asking if you would like fries with that
He's right,

I once went to Flashes quarter at Wallop, I bent over to pick up the TV remote from under the glass coffee table, when I looked up they were both on top curling down a couple of mister whippies

He then asked me if I wanted to see his rubber underpant collection and watch him get whooped by Mrs Flash and her double ended strap on

Things got worse on an excercise on the plain.... he kept asking the sprogs to kack in his respirator or fasten a hose to the front and attach it to his accomplices claypit

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