BB/Doris Nutbar or Terrorist Plot??

Oiy!! Do we have a scandale in the military in Canada today...

Seems that at CFB Borden, the largest training centre [ 3500 staff and a about 15000 force personnel a year passing through ] the N.I.S. [ National Investigation Service ] has arrested a MilGroupie for having sex with soldiers..Seems she was a regular at the various base pubs and such and the local hangouts, etc.. always arrived single and never left alone..a real party girl...

Well, it turns out she was HIV positive and knew it and slept with more than a few of the boys - um - unprotected - and so she's become a modern day Typhoid Mary..all who had ' contact ' with her have since moved off to other bases or other partners or other, well the list is quite extensive..[ no one knows how many, how long she's been ' active' , etc., etc. ]

Seems she was very affectionate and ' loved ' the military..the angst this has caused, the headache in medical follow-up, the number of boys needing to be tested and innoculated and folowed for - what - years? - hasn't been determined and, of course, any one they subsequently met and played with [ who can remember after a -well its growing exponentially ]...


Sounds like a Stephen King/Tom Clancy/ Robert Ludlum plot.. Terrorist/Insurectionist infected with some horrible mutating disease goes out and ' attacks ' an enemy army and soon the damage is done eating its way through the ranks... ooh...

What the f**k to do?...

mad and scary..
Canada's very own Clamydia Jones!! There was someone done for it over here (can't remember all the details now), think they got off fairly lightly too. (I'll update if I can find the link to it).

If she knew she was, can she can get done for manslaughter or even attempted murder?
Wasnt there a couple of girls arrested in Catterick some years back for doing this. Cant remember if it was HIV or hepatitis or what, but i remember reading about it.

How did they find her out but the way? Did someone stick his dick in and explode?

She's been charged with conspiracy [ catch-all arrest excuse ] but I'm sure, they'll have a more direct charge.. A bit back a guy was arrested for infecting a number of women and he was sentenced to 10 years under various public health and malicious intent and a bunch of other legal charges..

As for how she was tumbled.. seems one young chap noticed his nether regions were ' acting up ' and had it checked out [ secondary infection , but it led to HIV discovery ] and the ball started to roll from there.. now its quite the large snowball and hasn't stopped its downhill run yet...

doesn't matter what happens to her, though, damage is done already in terms of health, saftey, morale and marital relations and all the other issues stemming from not wearing a raincoat when dipping a wick...might also be time to re-introduce the " hooker proviso " - no kissing - too..

bugger ! [ er - no not that either ]
It was HIV Boney.

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