Bazils Brush Back on Swap Shop

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by nottyash, Dec 23, 2007.

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  1. I would.....

    Swap my crummy but temporary job for a better one.

    Over to you.
  2. Some people of a certain age, will remember Swap Shop on BBC One, where children used to ring in and offer an item, usually a toy, for another item, usually another toy.

    Its coming back, (Hosted by Basil Brush), I thought I would give it an adult tint, rather than it being for kids.

    Hence I would probably like to advertise my job, for a better one.

    Apologies If I was a little vague.

    Boom Boom.
  3. Ah yes. Well Notty, wont work.

    First you have to explain your job, thus bringing much ridicule and mirth to the masses, then someone will offer you a Transformer decepticon for it.

    Did the Emperor visit you tonight perchance?


    I have a Gerber Gator Semi serrated lock knife that I would like to swap.

    Hopefully I will get a Raleigh Chopper for it to replace the one I gave away when I was 11 in a bout of feeling sorry for my best mate who had his Grifter nicked. I am still kicking myself now
  4. Good response fatbadge, made me laugh.

    OK I will spill the beans, am doing a rather boring stint as an (SIA) qualified - No Less, (What a load of sh1te), security guard on a static site.

    Sit on yer arrse for 12 hours a day, watching CCTV screens, pushing buttons, and having to be very polite to civvy w@nkers. (Having no brain, interest or self motivation is a must).

    Looking for job that does not include 12 hour shifts, that actually stimulates the brain and you get some decent sheckles.

    Thankfully only temporary position, but not temporary enough. Any offers.
  5. Never heard of that job before, (Must of missed that on the ressettlement brief). I must remember to write to my local Ressettlement Centre.

    Obviously you have not only heard of the job, but are well versed in it's particular manual operation.

    Clearly though in the good traditions of UK PLC, you would be kind enough to demonstrate.

    On second thoughts, given your post, it appears to have some rather nasty side affects.

    So I'll decline your kind offer and wait for a better one.

    Would not think of depriving one so enlightened of their job satisfaction.
  6. Try being MDN's fluffer.
  7. onI'll pretend I know what you mean!