Bayonets for sale!

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Queensman, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. OK, I know a strange title of a Charity thread - let me explain: A friend of mine works for an Oxfam shop; they have just had a pair of WW1(?- more details to follow once I've seen them in the flesh) bayonets donated to them for sale on their on line shop Oxfam's Online Shop | Oxfam GB | Shop
    They feel that they shouldn't be sending things like this through the post so I was asked for advice.

    1. I'm not sure about the legality of flogging a pair of wicked looking knives full stop, let alone on line.
    2. Are we even allowed to possess things like this, these days?
    3. If so - Does anyone out there in Arrse-land want a pair of bayonets - sensible offers please: all proceeds will go the Oxfam. I have a couple of 'collectors' who I think might like them too. We'll see.

    Any sensible advice gratefully appreciated.

  2. Photos please.

  3. To follow, old chum - hopefully I'll be able to furnish you with some tomorrow.
  4. I thank you and good night.

  5. You're legally ok to flog them but the charity will probably not wish to be associated with them: just in case they later end up being used to run someone through. Or being proudly sported by a child soldier in some African shithole with Oxfam price tags on 'em ;-) although that would be quite amusing.
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  6. I rather doubt that a stabby chave would go to the trouble and expense of buying WW1 bayonets to set about his fellow-chave with. Not when he can buy a genuine Army survival knife for £2.50 off the boot sale.

    The normal ways to sell edged tools online are: (a) have a 'tick to confirm you're 18' box which covers you legally, (b) check the Electoral Roll for the buyer before posting, and (c) requiring the purchaser to use a credit card, rather than a debit card (CCs are only issued to 18+)
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  8. 2 x Bayonets. Both French.

    One is a Lebel cruciform profile bayonet from on or around WW1, I think. The other is an '1892' of some description, probably also WW1. Both have scabbards and are in pretty good nick all round. Photos to follow.
  9. [​IMG]If it's one of these, tempted. The last time someone mentioned a knife on here I went and bought it on impulse but at least I could use it in the kitchen.

    Then again I could spit roast 3 chickens on the hob if I bought that

  10. That's the fellow!
  11. ..they wouldn't like that up them would they? Never mind running someone through, looks like you could have a sword fight with that.
  12. Yep, I would be interested. A pal of mine in Dundee collects bayonets I will make him aware.
  13. The chickens would of course be suitably prepared for spit roasting or are you talking about the hun in that case t would be a surprise
  14. Hi there,
    if these bayonets are still available then I would be interested in adding them to my collection. Any chance of a pic of the other bayonet?
  15. They are - however, I'm in negotiations with a couple of punters at present who are keen. Wait out!