Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by mrpaul, Aug 11, 2006.

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  1. Looking at some jobs I noticed that there was a pte job with 'Bayonet' as the job titlt for Op Telic, what is this job?
  2. Mr P in answer to your Q, tis a sharp metal thing normally attached to the end of your rifle. Serously I believe they are describing what used to be known as a Rifleman in an inf sect who does not have another role like LSW gunner,Minimi gunner or (40mmGL) grenadier. I'm sure one of the more up to date inf bods will correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Cheers, thought I might be the only one up at stupid o clock!
  4. I've also seen it in the "Op certain Death " book in the same context
  5. No, that's a sword.

    *Dives for slit trench, artillery stonk stylee*
  6. And rightly so :D . Swords are for cutting cakes and opening champers.
    bottles .The infantry kill people with bayonets.It bog standard private infantry type.
  7. Yes, but you're a squidgy, so you would say that.
    Forward the Rifles (with swords fitted). :wink:
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  8. LOL Bloody hell not more of the sword talk again!! just doesn't sound right, FIX SWORDS!!!! :D :D
  9. Isn't a bayonet something that you need to put in a light bulb?

    FIX SWORDS..........
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  10. it sounds alot sexier than fix bayonets

    imagine the Great War..............a Rifle batallion ready to go over the top...............the sound of the big guns fades away.............silence.............then a cry shrieks into the still morning air.......... "Fix Swords!".............the bugler sounds the charge and men surge into history.................
  11. Does it fcuk! sounds fcukin stooopid, ok I'll admit that the Rangers do have a Rifles background and we still have rifle green on black rank slides, but we NEVER fix Swords, unless you've managed to break one in the mess and then its the armourers job. :)

  12. FAB thing - sword is a unique British Army term - bayonet is french from the town of Bayonne where it was invented. I think that sword has a particular exentricity about it

    Also it was first called a sword-bayonet but was shortened to sword to avoid confusuion with the standard bayonet for the Brown Bess musket

    and don't forget that your caubeen is Rifle green as well
  13. And the sword for the Baker rifle actually looked like a sword...
  14. No no no.... its SHEFFIELD STEEL!!!
  15. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    They don't like it up 'em -they do not like it up 'em!