bayonet training...?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by brettyboy69, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. Alot of people talk about the bayonet training being hard...could people please give me some info on this, so i know what to expect since im due to start basic at catterick in 6 days!

    Many thanks

  2. You'll be so fucked, you wont care
  3. Everything's hard during basic; train hard, fight easy, you see. The whole point is that you are being taught to accomplish hard things so that when it comes to stabbing Terry with a cheap and nasty little knife stuck to the end of your rifle, you can do it easily.

    Don't stress about it. If you start worrying about everything hard, then you'll either scare yourself and never show up or spend the entire time worrying about the PT, the assault course, the bayonet trg, the CBRN chamber...
    You will have a lot of people around you who will find it just as hard. Just do some basic preparation (Learn to iron, sew, polish shoes, make beds etc), learn a little about the army (the organisation, who to salute, who to address as "sir" etc) and get fit.
  4. I'm not really one to say, but this thread is ridiculously unnecessary. As if any part is going to be easy...
  5. I quite enjoyed bayonet fighting in a strange sort of way!
  6. I quite enjoyed bayonet fighting in a strange sort of way!
  7. lmao, cracking video.


  8. "Just stick in two inches, until he coughs, withdraw, move on and find another one..." Major Nobbs the CEF bayonet-guru of WW1...
  9. keep watching this and practice your war face at every oppourtunity such as on the bus in the library careers office etc

  10. Hahahaha ledgend post.
  11. Dont worry, try bayonet fighting between two tanks, which is phase two of your Bayonet training. Then you will understand how hard it is.
  12. By the time you get to the bayonet they could stick a fluffy bunny in front of you and you would stab the f*cker. :)