Bayonet Training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Timble, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. At the moment i'm trying to plan a session for my guys where they get refreshed with bayonet fighting/general battle PT ragging session. My question is, do you need any special qualifications to teach/assist on this, or will the PTI and SAA instructor i have ready suffice?


  2. Have you considered going out for a pint instead? It is New Year's eve! ;)
  3. For battle PT you'll need a PTI. For bayonet training you'll just need someone stupid enough to think it's a worthwhile lesson.

    You can't train soldiers to stick bayonets in people. They'll either do it when the crunch comes or they won't. Training them to stick bayonets in sandbags is a joke.
  4. Well, the same could be asked of yourself! I'm on duty, and there's no-one in the mess. Nowt else to do...
  5. Don't use the Bayonet Training facility in Fort Lewis, U.S.A. Its not designed for UK Bayonets and we broke several (snapped in two while stabbing the targets).
  6. Well fuck me I was just about a question on usefulness of bayonet training and you have already answered it.
    Over in the RLC we are still taught (by the RLC war experts) to shout en guarde as loud as we can which is arabic for "Instead of sneaking up on you quietly I am making a noise to let you know Ive ran out of bullets and now i'm going to try and stick you with 6 inches of steel. please don't shoot me with that AK"
  7. Fallschirmjager, fair point and i agree that as with most things, you don't know how people will react until actually in the situation.

    However, coming from a unit that does bugger all green activity, it was going to be used as a bit of an interest lesson instead of the usual TAB/Log Run, and to see how much aggression they can generate in themselves.

    Coming from the PARA's this may be taken for granted by yourself (not trying to be patronising/an obnoxious sh*t), but the guys who usually come to my unit can appear pretty wet, for want of a better phrase.
  8. That must have been confidence inspiring!
  9. They were wooden targets but steel backed...
  10. Off for one now! Sorry to hear you're stuck on duty - Happy New Year!