Bayonet Training Dummies

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by lynxeffectLOL!, May 7, 2010.

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  1. Is there a demand number for these or are they local manufacture? Can't find any detail about them anywhere. The back of the rifle pam has info on the frames and hanging dummies but nothing about the standing ones. Any one got any info if not will have to make some or use some gobby toms!!! lol
  2. Get your RQMS to approach the QM to write off a number of NBC Suits, get them stuffed with straw or similar and then make them as realistic as you want. That is what I do and so far it has gone ok
  3. Don't forget the red dye that is impossible to wash out of ANYTHING and only comes off of your hands when the skin has naturally replaced itself. :D
  4. Can I be the first to direct you to your local constituency Labour Party.
  5. Also a large bag of Offal for effect.... :twisted:
  6. Here you go!

  7. look in PAM 22
  8. Thats the old stuff, theres new stuff which is pre mixed theatrical blood, and washes out of clothing and off skin easily, and also tastes minty......
  9. whats wrong with a sandbag full of offal :?

    A lot if you have to clean up the resulting mess :twisted:
    though girly screams for one supposed hardman when the blood started coming out of sandbag nearly made up for it :twisted:
    plus the 2nd LT whose idea it was having to explain himself to the grown ups :D