Bayonet condoms

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. Noticed yesterday that the Colour Party of the WFRs (sorry Mercians...) had little plastic noddies on their bayonets.

    Is no-one trusted with a bayonet any more? Is it in case the sharp points frighten people in the street?

    Looked properly pathetic to me and seemed to defeat the point of marching with bayonets fixed - what next? Drill purpose rifles for ceremonials?

    Seemed odd that the rest of the contingent had no rifles either.

    Other than that it was great to see them of course and to welcome them back.

    So what's the score with these bayonet condoms?
  2. 4th Battalion The Rifles are marching through Salisbury next Tuesday, I hope to God they don't have a plastic abomination over the pointy bit, it spoils the effect somewhat of "Bayonets fixed & Flags Flying".
  3. Quite my point!
  4. You will find these in several regiments in order to protect the colours from the bayonets' points. The colours for most regiments have to last 25 years and can get quite badly damaged from bayonet rips and other usage hence Guards battalions have their colours replaced more regularly than 25 years.
  5. Well I suppose that makes sense. As long as everyone isn't parading with them. I would have thought that dulling the edge and point on four bayonets specially for the Colour Party would have been easier, cheaper and more aesthetically pleasing.

    They could always then be given a full mag in case they actually needed to protect the colours :)

    I remember one of our Subbies having to travel by train from Liverpool to Perth to collect our Colours. (No prizes for guessing the unit!)

    He spent quite a while trying (without success) to persuade the OC to let him draw a Browning and ammunition in case he had to protect the Colours. A very enthusiastic young officer. Wonder where he is now?
  6. I thought colour parties used bayonet caps in all units. I don't ever remember seeing our colour parties without them.

    If the Mercians ones were really plastic that would look a bit naff though, ours were silver.
  7. The Canadians when parading with their colour party in the days of the No4 use to weld a very large ball bearing onto the tip of the spike and then chrome it.

    Examples of the above are quite rare; although there was an ebayer from Liverpool who was putting one on a week a couple of years ago, minus the chrome plate! :roll:
  8. Plastic bits?


    The Colour parties I have seen or been in, have always had silver "half scabbards" that fit over the bayonet.
  9. I saw some lamentable drill in my time but I never saw the Colours being pierced with a bayonet. Surely not? :)