Bayonet charge bloke being shafted by MoD

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Dec 13, 2004.

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  1. I know that the Mirror is used for sh!te-roll in Hell, but this is interesting anyway.

    So it's OK for blokes to be wheeled out and grin for the cameras, but if they say anything off their own backs, they get shafted?

  2. So what was the classified bit if hte story, other that Brit troops are in Iraq and are not universally loved (like Labour and BLiar)
  3. Damn, I posted that story myself on this site. Will arrse now be mentioned on the 252?
  4. I expect that he was in contravention of the new DCI. That's the new 'Big Brother' DCI subtitled: 'How dare you speak out about New Labour and our Dear Leader.'

  5. well, thatll be an end to any gong that he may have been in line for.
    Tell your mates down the pub, not the media, theyll get you shafted.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Firstly, the Mirror (beloved of Soldiers everywhere...) would say that, as he spoke to the Sun.

    Secondly, someone doesn't want people who were involved in major actions, in which LARGE numbers of Iraqi bandits, smugglers, and fanatical fools were killed, talking to the press at all.....

    Hence, lots and lots of publicity for 1BW, and their triumphant return - yet very little for the PWRR on their return from serious warfighting in and around Al Amarah.

    Some people don't like Soldiers who kill people in battle - not very New Labour, is it?
  7. RTFQ


    The full-screw has now adapted his story to read:

    "Feeling the joy of my work and filled with the Spirit of Our Leader, I rushed forward shouting New Labour Forever! I hugged the nearest gentleman of Middle Eastern descent and declared our eternal brotherly non-judgmental love in the light of Our Lord Bush's Glory. Together we sang songs of reconcilliation and truth and I offered my homeland to him and his kin, all 25 million of them.

    Then i saw David Blunkett. I capped that m*****F***** twice in the head. The Leader said It Was Good"
  8. I fear that you may be right. But I expect that the discipline will be along the lines of "Don't speak to the press again" I really doubt (and hope) that there won't be any real trouble for him?
  9. Why shouldn't this kind of story be told? It's in the finest tradition of the army and it's the sort of publicity sorely needed. There's too much government-inspired control-freakery bullsh!t a la "OK to kill the bushwhackin' basta*ds, but let's not tell anyone about it in case we offend an ethnic minority." Inspired soldiering. Good on you, PWRR. They don't like it up 'em!
  10. because:
  11. No answer, FF. If we always roll over and play dead, nothing changes.
  12. Im all for letting the public know what great and brave deeds our soldiers have done and are doing. But this chap is going to get shafted because he commited the cardinal sin of communicating with the paps.

    The MoD like to say 'yes he was really brave and gave the baddies a swollen eye and a bloodied lip, hurrah for us!!'
    they dont want (for some reason, although they will graphically describe how our troops have been killed) the public to know how it was really done.
    Why? we are the good guys and if we have to kill, its done with a rapier strike to the heart in the dawn fog, not with teeth, nails and bayonets.
  13. Christ, bayonet, butt and boots, wish I had been longside him, what I joined up for.
  14. It is therefore OK for Bliar to tell untruths to the media ranging from "45 mins until midnight" to "I ran away to the Caribbean on a direct flight from Newcastle (none existed at the time)" and "I sat behind the goals at St James's Park and watched Jackie Milburn play for Newcastle (Bliar was 4 at the time and St James's was all-standing" but not for a squaddie to tell the Press about his heroism. If Joe Bloggs in the street tackled an armed robber and won the George Cross (as opposed to being locked up by Blunktw@tt) then he could speak happily to whomever he wished.
  15. It's the same thought process as says it's fine to eat battery farmed chicken which comes plucked, skinned and unidentifiable in cellophane but it's ghastly and obviously shows psychotic tendancies if you grab a bird out of the yard, wring its neck, prepare it and eat it. :roll: