Bavarian Police vs US Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by A_Brace_of_Buns, Mar 15, 2008.

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  1. Truly folks, I can`t quite decide whether to put this here or in the NAAFI! If someone feels it should be shifted, go ahead:

    Dramatic Search
    Bavarian policeman shoots armed GI
    Appeared on 14. March 2008
    Picture caption: Bloody remnants at the crime scene in Lower Franconia after forensic work by the investigators. (Source: ddp)
    An American soldier has been shot in Lower Franconia by a Bavarian policeman after a night-time pursuit. The 30 year old GI died during Thursday/Friday night in a Schweinfurt hospital, said the police. (Photo-series : Policeman shoots GI)
    GI had an assault rifle
    The trigger for the drama with a deadly finale: The US soldier had attacked his former common-law wife, who then informed the police. A SWAT team located the man, who in the meantime had hidden himself, with the help of a thermographic camera from a helicopter. As the police cornered the GI and were about to arrest him, he aimed his assault rifle at them, explained the police on Friday. The enquiries are being carried out in a close cooperation between the public prosecutor in Bamberg and the US Army authorities.
    Ex-girlfriend assaulted
    According to the latest knowledge, on Thursday evening at about 20.45 the soldier violently broke into the apartment of his former spouse, which lies on the edge of Altershausen, a village around 30 kms from Bamberg. He was armed with a half-automatic M4 assault rifle, which, according to the investigators, he failed to hand in to the armoury that evening. The soldier tied the woman up, but she was able to free herself and call for help.
    Unlocked weapon
    The police blockaded a wide area around the house. A short time later the officers of a SWAT team arrived, and a police helicopter with a thermographic camera. In addition, there were two casualty doctors and ten ambulances. Around 23.00 the helicopter crew discovered the sought after GI a few hundred meters from the woman`s house. He was armed, so the police had to assume that he would shoot at them. His weapon was unlocked and loaded with a half-full magazine.
    Unsuccessful emergency operation
    When the police fired, the soldier received fatal injuries which, despite an emergency operation, he succumbed to in a Schweinfurt hospital a few hours later. According to the police, the corpse will have a post-mortem on Monday. In the meantime, the mans car was also found, a few hundred yards away from the place where the exchange of shots took place.
    No proceeding against the police
    The US Army declared they are wholly supportive of the investigation. The soldier was stationed in Schweinfurt, and belonged to the 2nd Brigade of the 1st Infantry Division, said military spokesman Bruce Anderson. The military forces are taking the incident very seriously and will be working closely with the German authorities. According to the Bamberg public prosecutor there is at present absolutely no indication of illegal action by the police. For this reason there will be no investigative procedure initiated against the policeman that fired.

    For those that might want to read it in the original, and take a gander at the piccies, a linky:

    So, what do we learn from this. Is NATO barking up the wrong tree in wanting the "overweight and unfit" Bundeswehr in sandy places - surely the Bavarian Bullen (local slang for cops!) would be the better choice? Particularly where Blue-on-Blue is concerned! :D

    An interesting question has got to be - how come the armourer hadn`t noticed that his weapon was not in the racks, or signed back in?

    And, ten ambulances - were they really expecting a blood bath?

    I`m sure you folks are going to have fun with this one!
  2. More interesting the Yanks aren't demanding the extraordinary rendition of the shooters for trial in America.

    Their armoury drills need tightening up too.
  3. 10 Ambulances - The fukcer had an assault rifle! (Have you not seen the casualties in a Rambo film!) Plan for the worse and hope for the best.

    Good shooting Das Boxheeds!

    Bad drills (ex?) Armskote Storeman.
  4. Storeman soon to be fresh meat in Leavenworth ? :twisted:
  5. No. The interesting questions are why a professional soldier with all that training has trouble tieing up a woman (obviously he wasn't in the scouts when he was a child or he doesn't know what zip cuffs are, and why he seems to have such bad cover and concealment drills!

  6. Don't forget "I have no live rounds....."

    More than just the armoury storeman could be in for an interview without coffee.
  7. Good point, well put and I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking that 'professional soldier' and 'septic' are..., well, lets not go there shall we til this is moved to the NAAFI....
  8. A thought-provoking caption. But isn't the photo of the debris left by the medics? Or is that not a blood bag surrounded by discarded latex gloves?
  9. Don´t forget the "sharps" that they forgot to dispose of properly. Naughty, naughty, tut tut :wink:
  10. half automatic m4?? is that just another way of saying 3 round burst?
  11. i think more likely a translaition of semi-automatic.
  12. Edited for carp highlighting.....Lok at the paragraph regarding no action being taken against the refreshing.
  13. yes the M4 fires either single rounds or 3 round bursts
  14. What is the point in shooting him and then wasting time and money trying to save his life. He was shot to try and kill him so he didn't start killing others.

    The Police need to start using something like a .700 Nitro Express, nothing gets up after being hit with one of those.
  15. Bad drills. If only he'd known how to tie knots.