Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Peter_Skellen, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. I deploy to BATUS in a couple of weeks as part of Ex med man 3. Anybody who has been there before or taken part in the ex, could you give me a heads up on the place and any useful tips.

    Also I am normally in a Light role in the inf and working with armd inf out there so any tips on that would be helpful.

  2. Take plenty of mozzie rep! and if you are in to fat birds then you will love it down the Hat!
  3. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

  4. Only two bars have put signs up, the rest are ok as long as your are not in a large group

    The bars are ROSCOS on Dunmore road and Days Off on kingsway as far as I am aware not many used hem anyway. :x
  5. Yes have heard about this place, not my type though!
  6. Taking up a fire position any where near a warrior or CR2 is hazardous to your health. get you GPS loaded with the trg area towers on it, the RSO should be leading on that. If you stil get R&R grab a car with 4-5 of your pals and go to Calgary, the place is outstanding and no issues with being in the army, infact it might work to your advantage on the pull. :wink:
  7. Heard that from a few people so seriously considering it.

    Whats the legal drinking age in Canada?
  8. I flew back from BATUS last Tuesday after spending a week there on a Support Vehicle thing.
    Its not anti-army in the Hat. After 8pm Battlegroup are not allowed in Ralphs (Sports type bar). Some bars during when the BG are allowed down town do restrict things. Strip clubs are a no-no unless you go to Redcliff. Lady mayor seen to that but rumour is its changing.
    But do you really want to go to a place where it will be filled with Squaddies after a big Ex because you know all the top women will be gagging for you all....NOT! Like soneone has said, grab a car and go to Calgary or if you can manage the journey Edmonton.
    Calgary is a top place and well worth the visit.
    As for MM3, if you are in a SV it has GPS fitted for location co-ordinates only, but with a map it will tell you where you are.
  9. As has been said, mossie rep and some spare mossie rep.

    Get used to having your kit spread about the wagon as opposed to being in one bag (anathema for the lt role boys, but you'll get used to it). Pack light and have a couple of day-sacks as well as taking your bergen out there (for your wagon, most use one with your admin / schlaaf kit, one with dismounted fighting kit).

    Make sure you get a thorough brief on the Wr, there are plenty of bits which can bite the uninitiated.

    NEVER NEVER NEVER go static / fire position anywhere near the tracks. Be wary of the door & ram (either open or closed, not in between).

    Mossie Rep - MEDMAN 3 is a drama even going for the proverbial so get your trouser down / admin drills squared early least you want a whole host of bites where the sun don't shine. Not good!

    Make sure your wagon has some of the very oversized drinks containers, get them filled when stuff is cold, you'll be grateful later in the day.

    Mossie rep. Get your stuff 'peripeled'. Sleep (when you can get it) under a net.

    As for the comments ref Calgary, it probably has the highest concentration of fit women most of us have ever seen.
  10. When you get time off get yourself down Left bridge ! they love the Brits there, the live firing is good and the TES is shit, but you get a mate day every couple of days so its not to bad.
  11. Ill put that in English!!

    When you get time off, get yourself down to Lethbridge! They love the Brits there. The live firing is good and the TES is s***, but you get a Maint day every couple of days, so its not too bad.
  12. You can take all that advice on board, but the most important thing is this:


    or the 'orrible cnut in the ammo depot will have your guts for garters ;-)
  13. 17th ave in calgary has a big concentration of pubs and bars....