Discussion in 'RAC' started by queenshussar, Jun 3, 2007.

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  2. Labats Blue is NATS P£$S...... :x
  3. Pre BATUS at Soltau, during a night bridge crossing one of our tanks ran over and unfortunately killed a member of the infantry we were training with.
    Several days later while at a squadron smoker (remember them?) one of our full screws was talking to another infanteer. "I hear you had a cot death in the regiment" infanteer looks back confused, full screw elaborates "Caught On Tracks"..........
    Slept in the 43 with the wading clamps on that night :)
  4. A TS Infanteer burnt down one of the flats in the TS accomodation,cuz he didnt like Canada!then the QM of Batus at the time moved all the TS into the OPFOR block in case anybody else tryed it!
  5. OOoooo
  6. We were Geographically challenged one night and the other 513 with us ended up going through wooden fences on the prairie and had to do a quick U-turn. The next morning on the way to the FRG hut we spotted where they had been ....about 500m into the fenced off DRES( didnt spot any two headed gophers though.
    The other FRT didnt need any white light for the rest of the MEDMAN Im sure they glowed :wink:
  7. One night, while the lads were patrolling downtown, they picked up a bloke who was so pissed he couldnt stand up - he had a short haircur, and bulldog tattoos so they checked his wallet, and found an ID card. As a favour to the guy, to make sure he wasnt lifted by MHPS they brought him back to the RMP station on camp, and let him sleep it off in a cell...

    Poor bloke was highly confused when he regained consciousness in the morning, as he'd left the army some years before and had emigrated out to Canada to live with his bin-bunny....
  8. I also remember that we had a 'closed' net for our comms, and no one else could listen in. After watching the movie 'Super Troopers' in the mess, we decided that it would be a laff to repeat everything that was said ovber the net, and throw in some random speech impediments....

    All went well for an hour or two, until the boss piped up on the net, and informed us that he had a high ranking visitor in his office , who coincidentally had wanted to listen into the net to find out what went on on a daily basis....
  9. I remember that - made a HUGE mess of the room, and he hadnt bothered to tell anyone in the rooms upstairs that he'd started a fire.....

    Still, we got across to the Opfor block with larger rooms, and comfy it wasnt ALL bad.....
  10. Feckin hell. I once got lumped driving an officer who was screaming and shouting his way through no ranks. Blerk was a pain in the arrse. Anyway one day he screams the "S" word. Which i would have crated him for if the humourless cnut had a sense of humour. He swore blind we where in the DRES. Without looking at the map i says "I think you'll find we're not" Still flapping he shouts "REVERSE NOW". "Okay i will sir but rest assure we're not in the DRES".


    "Fair enough sir. But if you wouldn't mind can we drive to the top of that little hill 250 to our left and ask the Nice people in EXCON where they think we are."

    Fcuking dimwit must have been out by about ten K.
  11. I remember confusing the hell out of a cabbie, probably the only time I ever got a taxi back from the Hat sober & in daylight. I asked him "so where is the short cut back to crowfoot then"? He looked really confused until I explained "how come it takes you 30 odd minutes to get me down town, & then on the trip back (socially confused) you wake me up at the guardroom 5 minutes after I get in your cab". Poor bloke didn't get it, still he was a Canook - nuff said.