Discussion in 'Canada' started by Lizard_Lips, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. I'm going to BATUS for 6 months later in the year, I've never been out there before and was after some insight into the place.
    Can anyone tell me what it's like ie accommodation, food, gym etc etc

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  2. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Massive 60+ man rooms. Lots of dust that turns into some truly unique mud. Weird food. Fat girls. Humourless coppers. Town farrking miles away in a cab. Shit naafi, big burgers. Metal bogs with huge gaps in the sides of the doors.

    Don't know nothing about no gym. I think everyone is too busy working or drinking to be doing any of that.

    You'll love it.
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  3. I presume you're going out there as Temp Staff, well if you are you'll be treated a tad better than the guys coming out to do a MED MAN! The accommodation is good, food fantastic and if you miss a meal you've always got the 'Gag & Puke'. The nearest Gym and swimming pool is in Ralston, which is about 3 kms away. The nearest town, Medicine Hat is 52 kms away! Have fun, HTH.
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  4. Was there as temporary staff not long back. 2-man rooms with WIFI - bought cheap iPad from town, bus to and from town at weekends, excellent cinema in Med Hat Mall. Everything is a bit expensive so need to watch your dollars. Invest in a mountain bike (CANNEX was selling them at half price last summer). Oh, nearby Redcliff might be worth a visit.
  5. Do me a favour.
    Check out the Portacabin troop lines shit houses. Let me know if my graffeti about my troop staffy is still there.
    It was 27yrs ago, but those things were never cleaned.
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  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Enormous open spaces, hardly any trees, 'big' skies, brilliant for star-gazing, shooting stars and the Northern Lights. Crap beer unless the new type of craft brewing has reached the place.
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  7. Although it's been a while I've been twice, once as TS & returned with my own old Unit, visited both EXcon & the vip opposite during my stint, LAD'REME are a good bunch (when i was there) so it's handy to get to know them if possible.

    Both messes are reasonable, TS90 block is quite big & rooms are 2 man if IIRC however the cookhouse is outstanding.

    Agree with another poster to get a bike or chip in and get a a runaound banger for your stint over there like we did, you can also live on your LOA if your savvy enough, take plenty of opportunties to visit Calgary & the Rockies at any chance, Med Hat is ok but as expected full of squaddies regularly.
  8. Echo the points about getting a Batus banger between a few of you as early as possible as Calgary is only three hours away and is infinitely better than Med Hat for obvious reasons.

    Stampede will be on before you come home so don't miss that.

    Make plans now for buying mozzie repellant in bulk between a few of you unless the issue stuff has got better. Come may or June you'll thank me for that.

    Go the Sin bin. It's horrid but I once fingered an Eskimo wearing a cowboy hat in the pool room.

    Try and stay fit. Going back to reality was fuxking murder. The gym near the Canex is sufficient and has a pool. The mile and a half run there and back will keep your cardio in order and when the mozzies come you'll slash minutes off your best times.

    Oh and don't forget you're supposed to say STOP on the radio instead of over. If you say it three times it means out.

    It's Canadian VP.

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  9. When you get a banger go upto the Edmonton mall, it will probably take a day or 2 to get around it but worth a visit.

    If you call the locals shit kickers be sure to be mob handed, they dont take too kindly to it !!!!

    The posher camp has much better accomodation. The food is brilliantbut as has been said about prices - as soon as the locals here a Brit voice at the tills the till tax goes up.

    Also, a very BIG must.............. buy some weapons grade mozzy repellent as there's some funky bites and diseases on the prairie.
  10. Easily avoided by ending every other sentence with eh.

    Think scouse.

    I really am jealous. Often said it, my time in Canada will end up being the best days of my life.

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  11. You're a TWWWWAAAATTTT, LOL!