Discussion in 'REME' started by SgtSlaughter, Sep 4, 2011.

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  1. Try his home unit's welfare office.
  2. Should be fine. Unless he is at Catterick where the Welfare Officer was my RSM until recently and is a total knob!
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  3. What is it you are after exactly?

    Surely you'll have contact with him via email or facebook etc?

    What more do you need?
  4. I agree. They should be able to make regular contact. It's only sometimes when they're out for days , working ridiculously long hours. I'm sure he'll be able to let you know soon.
  5. Nah he's not Welsh so you should be fine!!!
  6. Ive known a few Crafties in the past who have gone missing for days without any contact when the Sin Bin, Cheetahs and O'Reilleys were open.....I had to go in my self to search for them. Loads of internet and phones for him to keep in contact...when not on the prairie, sounds like he will be on winter repair so theres loads of sight seeing in both Med Hat and Calgary.....if he goes to Cowboys he will enjoy the shooters
  7. Sky diving is for winners!
  8. Sorry you lost me there ? Where are these said places?
  9. Quiet 24A, I take it sunray is stood behind you......Your the one we had to try and drag out last...didnt you have your own Pole in Cheetahs.
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  10. I dont know any Polish birds ??
  11. She's Ukrainian, actually.

    She's 33. I'm 47, she's 14 years younger than me.

    Back of the net!
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  12. Kiss my teeth
  13. Cash back!
  14. Pub Sumo? Very cheap to make, draw a circle in chalk on the ground, get some fat men? If you don't do it, Sky will.
  15. Geroff, I saw her first. I've already booked us a special Valentines Day Dinner at the Linton Travel Tavern with chocolate mousse to go.