Discussion in 'REME' started by fusdavetucker, Sep 16, 2010.

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  1. Heard a rumour through the grape vine that BATUS is getting rid of the civvies in the workshops and that they're replacing them with up to 30 class one tradesman? Anyone else heard anything similar?
  2. In all fairness they probably should. Why the army employs civvies to do a role it trains some of its own staff to do is beyond me. For example whilst in Germany employing a Civvy firm to paint and decorate the lines and do some re-wiring etc whilst the engineers based down the road were sat twiddling their thumbs.

    No doubt the procurement liars would say its cheaper to go civvy yet whenever I want anything doing in my private life its far cheaper to get the parts and do it myself.

    Having said that some of the Civvy Staff at BATUS were brilliant fellas and thoroughly helpful and it'll be a shame that they're losing their jobs.
  3. I'd be surprised if the Canadians allowed it to be honest (unless you're talking about the British civvies). BATUS is tied into some ridiculously restrictive contracts and I can't imagine the powers that be lying down and taking that.
  4. The lot that are going are all from Defense Support Group (UK based civvies), the canadians are staying in place
  5. So I take it there is some truth in the matter, do you know how many are going? 30 class one tradesmen seems a high number!
  6. Love to know where these alleged class 1s are coming from... it's a well known fact that the corps has tons of them going spare!?!?
  7. Not sure about the 30 class 1's being sent as replacements, think that may just be the number being thrown about to justify how much work DSG do. I'm not sure exactly how many DSG are leaving but from what I have heard its a rather large number of the B veh support group, a fair few of the A veh support group and a couple from packs. Going to make for some fun times at BATUS WKSP I reckon, still when the army is paying DSG 25 grand a month per bod(heard this from one of the DSG blokes so might be a little exagerated) it soon adds up. I mean they are paying us reme types 24 hours a day after all !
  8. They should get rid of civil servants from all over the military, absolute shite in my experience. They either work part time or don't work at all when the 3 half days a week gets too much for them and they have to **** off on sick leave for 2 to 3 weeks at a time, and when they are at work they do absolutely **** all apart from make everybody's life miserable. No wait, hang on, i think thats just the desk jockey for SNCO Operators in Glasgow
  9. I've been to Batus several times and, to be frank, most of the civvies are idle bastards.
  10. The ones in Ammo Tp were a top bunch, hard working, good team players. They were not very cooperative when I first tipped up, but that was mostly because my predecessor was a complete prick who seemed to be on a power trip (a staffy ffs).

    Treated with a bit of respect they worked well with me.
  11. Have we got enough manpower to take over the jobs?
  12. Probably not, you'll just have to have the workshops running 24 hrs a day.......oh wait a minute!
  13. Ask again in 2 week Jack and I'll be able to tell you, doubt it though!
  14. Yep, that's right they finished yesterday and no they were not being paid £25,000 a month
  15. over 25 years ago i was there ..... doin the pack rat graveyard shift .....and we were always left the work to do by the civvies ........

    and no we didnt run our hire car on army fuel never ever did we reverse it up to that door at 2am and chuck some jerry cans down its gullet ...