Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by SgtSlaughter, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. Apologies if that has been done before.

    Does anyone know what R Sigs postings there are at BATUS and for those that have been what the family life is like, Local(yeah I know) area and how easy it was to get yourself a slot there.


    Sgt S
  2. i Know there is an OPs Room Sgt job, 2 year post 2 of my mate who have done it enjoyed it (one with family)
  3. There are 3 posts: WO2(YofS), SSgt BSM(F) and Ops Sgt all permanent staff, plus a SO2 CIS. There are numerous posts on Temp staff with wide ranging jobs.

    BATUS itself is bleak as, Med Hat not too bad but Calgary is the business!! I go again in 3 weeks time can't wait 8O
  4. Only managed a short time there on attachment with 1RGJ, and one holiday since. One trip into Med Hat was enough to convince me not to do it again.... it's like any other Garrison town in the world.... they hate us, we hate them!

    That said, get out and about in your time off.... can highly recommend British Columbia.... and it's a whole new world! They love the accent and you can't put a foot wrong.

    Couple of points to note though....

    1. Don't walk around with your pint.... they don't like it!
    2. If you walk into a bar that has stools at the counter you can approach and order accordingly. If not.... grab a seat, it's waitress service!
    3. In some establishments, when you order a beer.... don't be suprised if TWO arrive! The custom is that the first one doesn't touch the sides and you then sit back to enjoy the second.
    4. Don't drive ANY vehicle with open alcohol in the car! Even if you haven't touched it for donkeys.... they don't like it!
    5. Most establishments serve beer in pitchers accompanied by required number of glasses! All well and good until you notice Johnny is on his second glass and then a bun fight breaks out. Think ahead.... order a Pitcher each.
    6. Don't be tempted to hit the dancefloor with fellow squaddies in a NAAFI stylee "let's have a bop"! In lumber-jack territory they will assume you're gay and attempt to re-adjust your boat race!

    Should you get to go.... u'll love it! Experience of a lifetime!