Discussion in 'REME' started by PTE_BOZZ, May 20, 2005.

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  1. Winter repair this year, dont belive all you read. It was poor quicker, better and higher standard? easy after only three MM and nearly 50% work done before Bn arrived. Wonder what the Bn PVR rate was after that stint.
  2. In what way was it poor?

  3. Surely not enough time gone by to be generating MTBF?

    Define "poor" WRP.
  4. Poor most the kit inspectd a week after WRP failed the eci, poor that the day before dday the BG were still track bashing.poor that a lot of the stuff signed off as fit was vor a/s. next Bn to have a go wont have to try too hard to make an improvement
  5. Do you think next year the BATUS Wksps might be a bit more cooperative to 6Bn?

    Resistance to change is normal so don’t feel too bad about it!!!!

  6. Do you think next year the BATUS Wksps might be a bit more cooperative to 6Bn?

    Resistance to change is normal so don’t feel too bad about it!!!!

    I did WRP some year’s back and at the end of the program there was still over 1000 hours of work outstanding on the B line. Is the standard significantly worse than last year?

    ECI is more a test of systems than anything else!

  7. Who conducted the ECI?
    WRP never did include "Track Bashing", this was always done by the driver mechs.

    Who signed the VOR kit off as fit? Surely the person would be traceable?

    I take it PTE_BOZZ is on the Batus Perm staff Nom roll and was made to work for a living instead of playing ice hockey? :lol:
  8. I think you may have hit the nail on the head Jake

  9. May I remind PTE_BOZZ that this is the first winter repair to actually meet its targets in 30(ish) years.

    And it wasnt even a full strength Bn that was "giving you a hand" 8O
  10. jake/dave

    No im not on the PS. Bn never brought/trawled for pers to do dvrs task despite being advised to. i know it wasnt a full strentgh Bn, so whydid they bring whole top corridor co, rsm* etc and a whole plie of non productive on a jolly. what was needed was for bn to provide the manpower to fit in to the setup that already exists, not take over the whole thing.

    *RSM was a top bloke though covvies on and graffting.
  11. Driver Mechs were trawled, did you visit A line?

    The Bn brought everyone that they could. Rear party was minimal.

    Just because they are "top corridor" doesn't make them non productive (Track Bashing etc)

    The plan never was to "fit in to the setup" as it had not been working, the plan was to change it so it did work.
    A success I think.
  12. surely you must be top corridor to make assumptions that the systems were not working in the past personally a veteran of two winter repairs two deactivations and numerous med mans i and a team of similar minded people managed to get all the challies out three weeks early i think your just looking for that slap on the back you tiffy or wannabe
  13. There is more to winter repair than A line! Having done WRP in the past I know only too well how much the lads graft to get the kit out.

  14. Nope, not "top corridor" myself, the problem was never with Chally line, it was B line that had never been completed in the past (according to the stats)

    I am a Medman, WRP, activation and deactivation vet so know only too well how much the lads graft to meet targets.
    I wasnt looking for a pat on the back Sleeper, I can take no credit as I am not the ideas man behind it, I am one of the black hand guys at shop floor level but I can see when something isn't working or needs changing.
  15. fair one b-line stopped us getting our unofficial week off at the end of winter repair the q man did not want to see us farmed out more polotics than westminster im afraid just ashame that there wont be many trawls that will get me out of this pish posting, gone for good are the days of six months of work hard play hard in canada. :twisted: