BATUS Spartan add on armour Range Safety role

Good day oh learned wise ones.

My name is Robin and I happen to have a hand in looking after a private vehicle collection loosely based around the theme of "vehicles of British manufacture or usage" and called the Union Jack Collection.

We have a Spartan 00 GS 09 (early petrol version) that in its last life before us was painted all over yellow and used at BATUS we believe a a Range Safety vehicle. It has an extra slab or armour over the roof which blocks the bi fold hatches.

Does anyone have:-

1 any photos of those vehicles

2 Any knowlege of their role

3 Any knowledge of who did the add on armour to the roof?

4 How many were done and are any left in service?

here is a picture that might jog some memories




We haven't had petrol SPARTANs for many years, so this dates your vehicle. The last petrol CVR(T) (as I recall) were the BATUS OPFOR fleet (CVR(T)s modified to look like "enemy" vehicles).

BATUS does use armoured vehicles to deliver live fire safety (they enable the safety staff to move around at speed and infront of small arms calibre weapons being fired). Currently these are (or at least were) WARRIOR IFVs, I don't believe that CVR(T) provides sufficient protection against small arms fire or cross country speed for it to be used in this capacity.

I seem to recall that in the very dim and distant past, the Recce Tp/Pl safety group vehicles were painted bright yellow, so it may be that your vehicle was used in this capacity (clearly it would give sufficient cross country performance to keep up with other CVR(T)s). Someone older and much bolder than me may be able to comment further.
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