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BATUS Permanent staff

If anyone is on the staff at BATUS could they tell me if the tech Qm has chnaged in the last few months (not allowed to give names in clear am I) reason for asking the one I was corresponding with had obtaine permission to photgrpah all the Chieftain hards for my records. He sent 1 and then we seem to have lost touch, although I know he has atl east another 20 shots.

The only contact details (apart from snail mail) is QM Tech BATUS tell 544 4146, and I can not recall why numbers need to prefix from UK (many years since I was RAC safety) any help gratefully recived
I can not believe that 150 people have viewed this and not one can anser my question, come on folks I need this information, otherwise its back to snail mail and starting over again. :(
I have sent an e-mail to Nipper through the mil net, I am awaiting a reply

Known him since AAC Arborfield, the served in the same Sqn on GW1