BATUS i told you !

I ask'ed a few weeks ago if Batus should go ahead, most of us said yes. There was if cause a number of reason's why i asked this question and now a little under halfway though MM1 a number of things are being brought out.

1. Each veh only has 25km track mil.
2. 80% of spares are still on route from the gulf.
3. The excercise has been planned well, but the 25km per veh per day was not taken into account.

Is there still good trg going on! Yes of cause there is, there are to many good Officers and NCO's in every unit not to allow things to go from bad to worst. However those of you who know how a Armd BG work and train, know that the problems i've mentioned have a terrible affect on trg and morale.

Batus use to be the best trg area in the world, i'm sad to say for the short term only i hope, it's not any more.


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Hang in there Harry.  ;)

Everyone is well aware of the limitations and of course it is galling - but some form of training in BATUS is better than getting none at all or going somewhere in the UK.

Nevertheless - I realise it is very frustrating especially when you know what is possible in BATUS. Good luck !
Hang on until BATUB(asrah) kicks in, they're already looking for suitable training space!

Nice.  And you get to shoot real mines with your CG not just falling plates / Huns' Heads.

It isn't just BATUS, they are looking at the issue in the desert now!

The Army is well and truly broken.
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