FMA staff...Helpful group of happy chappies for whom nothing is too much trouble or a bunch of whining prairie dodgin' jobsworth twunts? Gentlemen (and, god help, us ladies!!) your thoughts please.
Have you got a particular beef to air? or have you just fallen into ARRSE inbetween bouts of perusing bigboobs dot com?
No particular beef, just hopin' for a bit of lighthearted feedback is all....get a bit of banter goin'.
Yeh, they're a bunch of cnuts :D (I don't work in the FMA)
In all seriousness the FMA staff have an immense job to ensure that all the vehicles and equipement are available throughout the season.

This is no small task considering the distance and supply times from the UK. There are massive costs involved per exercise. £6 million in ammo alone. Work is endless and even when MM5 finishes in the next week the work will continue through the winter to get ready for MM1 2008.

So if somone has been 'gripped' to square their vehicle away or some other task it's not because the FMA staff are ****, its because the 'gripped' person is a cnut for not squaring it away in the first place.

Once ENDEX is called exercising troops are not interested because it's not their kit.
You started badly with your first comment, made a slight recovery with your second and then completely bored the p*ss out of me with the last lenghty peice of ARRSE!!
Have a think about the definition below and don't bother to get back to me!!!. I found it for you to save you takin ' time out of your oh so busy schedule......

ban·ter /?bænt?r/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[ban-ter] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
–noun 1. an exchange of light, playful, teasing remarks; good-natured raillery.
–verb (used with object)
Whats the matter? You one of the bone idle cnuts i mentioned, that has been gripped?

Your original post does not appear to be looking for banter, it appears to be sh1t stirring:

"I'm pissed off with the FMA staff, lets all gang together and slag them off, because i don't have a pair, to enable me to do it by myself"
Maybe adding a little anecdote of your own to indicate that it was intended as banter may have made all the difference.

I'm not surprised you were bored by the 3rd point, beyond your attention span i suspect. By the end of the 1st point you probably thought you knew it all anyway.
Noooo I promise you I'm far from being one of the bone idle cnuts you mentioned and no gripping has been done(unless you include my special alone time!!). Had trouble maintaining interest in the rest of your post but I struggled on to the end......yawn.
The post itself was meant to be the anecdote and not to sh*t stir, my apologies for the confusion.
Now please read the second sentence of my last post again and see if you can keep your hands off the keyboard.......
Congrats on your first medal.

Carry on in the same vein and you will be rewarded with an O2 Thief tag by the Mods. Richly deserved.
Congrats graciously accepted, though dulled by the sentence that followed. Richly deserved? And to think I publicly apologised and still you felt the need to continue throwing your teddy/dummy at me....hit a nerve me thinks........and for the record I didn't voice an opinion, I simply asked the question, which, I might add, you seem to be continually answering......think about it.
Thought you wanted banter?

Are you not FMA Staff yourself?

I'm not throwing teddies - i'm just an annoying cnut :)
Thought you wanted banter? Your right I do.

Are you not FMA Staff yourself? No.

I'm not throwing teddies. Really?

i'm just an annoying cnut. Correct.
Time out.....Have you seen how many people have viewed this thread and not actually taken the time to express an opinion? Do you think they all stood in a circle shouting Fight! Fight! Fight!...........Continue......
Probably did or they don't understand what FMA or BATUS means.

They need to keep their neb out of our playground!

Your not BATSIMS or Tragetry are you?
Lets just say I know what's in shed 7 & 8 and leave it at that shall we?
By the way wtf is a neb?
Dirt? They'll get their sweep out in weeks few. More fool them. After that I'll be free..... but you'll still be a Batarrse cnut. Ha Ha.
sappersonparade said:
Time out.....Have you seen how many people have viewed this thread and not actually taken the time to express an opinion? Do you think they all stood in a circle shouting Fight! Fight! Fight!...........Continue......
Either that or wondering why you have wandered into the Training Wing for a bit of Banter?

Perhaps a few beers in the NAAFI would suit you better! :roll: :wink:

Not banter just advice
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