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Discussion in 'RAC' started by fire-lighter, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. Hi Guys
    anyone got a half decent photo of the markings of a BATUS Ferret Range Safety Vehicle from circa mid-'70s (showing my age)? Preferably the Tank Troop safety vehicles.

    Thank guys

    (One sad and lonely old drie panzer gooner!!!)
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Is that so you know what to aim at if you ever have to go again. They would only be full of the likes of FBG/54/Trelawney/AW :blowkiss:
  3. Hi Elovabloke, Blimey - If I ever have to go again, then this country will be in deep, deep excrement, coz they be recruiting OAPs!! (Arf arf) :highfive:
  4. I'm sure ArmouredWurzel will see you right, as he did 2BRRRRRAAAAAAVVVVVVOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ('right of arc right track guard, left of arc left track guard, alright moi luvver') for a couple of years - 92-94!!!
  5. Thanks S54
  6. Hi fire-lighter,

    Hope these help they go back from April through to August 1982. Some of the older "Cassette Heads" may recognise Chippy Woods 17/21st and Ken Theakston Household jobbie. I did feel a little out of place as a signals instructor amongst all those "GODS" :worship:

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  7. I remember a long time ago, about ´85 I think. We was on a shoot and one of the hard targets was a Ferret. I took a shot at it, Sabot Dot Whatever , Go on!
    I think I missed,( or at least clipped it) then the fecking thing started moving, I shit myself I thought I had just shot at the SSM, there´s me screaming "the fecking thing is moving, somebody has fecked up"
    The Commander is kicking me in the neck, the loader ( I think Daft Smiffy) is standing with his finger in his nose saying" I dunno, where´s me Mars Bars"
    I had the screaming Heebies until we got told the range was clear :whew: , then I shot the crap out of the fecker.
    I think about 3days later we shot the crap out of a bunch of wild Mustangs, I was a bit pissed off about that. Oh well.
  8. Grossly Over-rated Disreputable Stoppage-teachers?

    Fear not mate, you added a touch of class to what would have been an otherwise uncouth gathering.
  9. DRYCLAD91 you're a STAR! Thanks mate.

    Talking of 'pinging' stuff SEA KING I was in a Chieftain at some point 'up the blue' during a live fire exercise when there's a sudden ' BANG BANG BANG on the side of our panzer - there must have been half a second of silence before everyone started screaming ' SOMEONE'S FECKING RANGING ON US!!!!' Followed by a high pitched commander shreeking 'CHECKFIRE CHECKFIRE CHECKFIRE'

    The next few seconds were the most frightening of my life as we sat waiting to see whether a Sabot or Hesh was on it's way.
    I've no doubt one of our own dear beloved bretheren was having a laugh!
    Good times eh!!
  10. ISTR the culprit being your driver! :wtf: He'd leaned out of his cab and banged on the side of the turret with a 2lb hammer!!! :pissedoff:
  11. S54 wrote

    "ISTR the culprit being your driver! He'd leaned out of his cab and banged on the side of the turret with a 2lb hammer!!!"
    It may hve been one of the range safety ferrets. It was common practice to bang on the side of any tank that looked geographically embarased to try and shepherd it back in formation without making the commander look a twat by calling him on the net.
  12. Only got this one from NI in 73/74:

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  13. TTWWWWWAAAAAAAATTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSS! Scared the frick out of me!

    ISTR the culprit being your driver! He'd leaned out of his cab and banged on the side of the turret with a 2lb hammer!!!

    TTWWWWWWAAAAAAATTTTTTT again - that was either T*tch or Tr*ckp*n TTTTWWWWWAAAAATTTTTTT

    can I sue?
  14. Cheers DaveH
  15. HE! HE :headbang: