BATUS - Canadian Law & future consequences

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DesktopCommando, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. Got a mong who is in front of the judge soon, for "alleged" criminal damage downtown, but interesting thing is through written documentation the "alleged" allogations keep changingfrom seen by Policewoman A doing crime A, then changing as she never seen it, so he must have done crime B elsewhere, now hes been sent a letter telling him to accept the allegation, pay $700fine, but if he does this (drunk and cant remember anything) what are the future consequences for leaving Canada with a criminal damages record ?
  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    The burden of proof is on the Police.

    If they can't stick him on, get him in front of a Judge so that the Police can be seen for the fine up-standing body of men that they are.

    Get a local lawyer involved on his behalf to take him through the whole rigamarole. If the Police can't decide which of the offences he's supposed to have committed but want him to cough to criminal damage and a $700.00 fine, I'm sure that a good brief would be all over it like a tramp on chips.
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  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    We had our own duty loon done for car theft and DUI and the army paid the mahoosive fine and shipped him home never to Darken Canadas doors again. Oddly enough at the airport awaiting trooping was a gunner from our supporting battery being deported for pretty much the same thing and they were from the same village. Duty loon spent some time at Broadmoor and might still be there!
  4. The Mounties always get their man, even if it,s a fitup, Bah! Humbug!
  5. Fit up or not, if the guy gets so pissed that he can't remember what he's done down town, he deserves no sympathy or help. We can do without these people, particularly in the current climate.
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  6. Doesn't sound like the Mounties due to the lack of a kicking and an introduction to Mr Tazer.

    If a copper get's the initial evidence/statement in his/her pocket book wrong then it's wrong from then on and of no use in court, they can't revise it after the event, tell them to get fucked if they can't get the information on the charge sheet right or they risk purjering them self.


    He can't remember or know what happened but neither can the arresting officer in reality if they fibbed about seeing the offence take place.

    I was once paying attention to a young lady with a Betty Page haircut and huge norks, her insurance was all of a day out due to transaction time lagging by one day, plod wrote down the registration wrong by one number, plod didn't bother to turn up in court after this was pointed out.
  7. Pm the_seagul as he is Canadian plod, he may give you some advice.
  8. Ouch. Not the RCMP's finest moment.

    If the accused in the OP's post was 'downtown' in Medicine Hat, it was more likely that Medicine Hat's City plod arrested him.
  9. There is more to this than the OP has stated. The story of the police witnessing an offence taking place then changing their story to state that they hadn't in fact, witnessed it so he must have committed some other offence is ridiculous. What is this second offence and what evidence is there to prove his involvement?
  10. well the Trial" is in few days, with automatic $500 min fine to the Judges personal charity, so regardless why accused its money in the med hat pocket
  11. Is he in on pre trial custody ie on remand or A free man at the moment?
  12. Where does the min $500 payment amount come from? Sometimes if an accused enters a guilty plea, then the judge may admonish the charge and have a payment made to a charity i.e. womens shelter.
  13. Med Hat..... what a baren place!
  14. A bit sanctimonious, don't you think? Perhaps we should just recruit from the Temperance League and link up with the Sally Ann.