Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by FredWest, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. Leading on from the First Car you had, what about the BATUS Banger.

    What was yours?

    Ford Country Squire, late Seventies!!!

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  2. An old, Oldsmobile 98 was the king of BATUS Bangers :lol:


    Get about 9 people in them on the way back from the Hat :D :D
  3. I had a cracking great big Ford E-150 minibus/van type thing - along the lines of the A-team van. This thing had a red velvet interior, and a back seat that folded down into a double bed......

    Once I fitted it with a mini mirror ball, red neon lights and a leopardskin steering wheel cover, I named it 'The Happy Van', and used to run trips up to Calgary and Edmonton at weekends for a small fuel 'donation'.....

    Happy days.......I'll post a pic if I can dig one out.....

  4. A huuuuge brown thing which came with a LR spare wheel and an ice hockey stick in the boot. I once 'misjudged' a traffic light on the Trans Can in Med Hat and slid it sideways about 100 yds.
  5. Biggest BATUS Banger

    a 432, and a pot hole!!

  6. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Anything hired with the speedo disconnected, apparently, honestly not me guv, tickets from the USA, never left Med Hat guv, honest :D
  7. I thought the biggest BATUS bangers were in the Sin Bin!
  8. The Ming Tree!
  9. The Tankie swears that, if we ever get back to the States, we're buying this car:



    '78 T-Bird with superfly red trimming. Needless to say, his wasn't nearly as cherry as the one in the pic.

    Note the 8-track...when the Tankie bought his, they also bought a box of Dead 8-tracks to go with it. Because the cops wouldn't notice a carload of sh!tfaced Brits howling "Truckin'" all the way to the border. :roll:
  10. Best rumour I heard was a REME BATUS banger, withthe exhaust from a CVRT.

    I also remember seeing 4 Group's wagon with flames handpainted down the side. Must have been because they were suffering red cord withdrawl symptoms!
  11. Twats - Just rub it in why dont you?

    Some of us never got that far.......

  12. Last time I was there, there was a General Lee and a Starsky and Hutch Mobile
  13. Ahhhh Theres my baby. Finally gave way trying to escape back to camp after a bar room brawl with 20 Bikers in the Silver Buckle. Sadly Eddy earned $50 off me that night after i cleaned my face up. He even let me play Fifa on the Playstation after i pissed on his door!

    What a guy!
  14. ...and I thought you were referring to Cyndi from the Hat!

  15. Anyone know whether "Crack Whore" (The blonde chick with no teeth) Still hangs around in the sin bin. I know that is describing most of them but try and narrow it down!