BATUS and Kayaking



Hi Folks,

Anybody have any experience of Kayaking on the Bow River, while out at BATUS.

Am trying to plan a week's AT for the near future.


cloudbuster said:
Have you tried Google? 0.23 seconds brought up some useful info.
Ye gods, I never thought of that. Which of these websites did you find particularly useful.

Actually I've spent a few hours researching google and indeed have some useful info. I posted because I thought there might be someone here who'd actually done it, and I might be able to have an in-depth discussion.
kayaking or Canadian?

OK you ask about kayak but there have been a few reports in the SOLDIER mag about expeds or AT afet on BATUS with trecking in the USA , climbing and a few on CAdadian canoe expeds -short and fast I would think.

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